Fuel tanker explodes in Lebanon, killing 20, injuring dozens


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In that part of the world, it's hard to tell when something like that was an accident.

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I'm surprised at you, P.Smith - jumping at conclusions. Don't you remember the fertilizer explosion that leveled the entire Port of Beirut in 2020 simply because it had been improperly stored there for years? A better conjecture would be FUBAR - or SNAFU.

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Left over fertilizer?

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Just to add to the port explosion.

Apparently, someone had cut a hole in the shed where the fetilizer was stored (for 4 years or more).

So, the authorites sent a welder down there to fix up the hole. Bang.

Way before the Israelis, I would suspect a smoker and leak.

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The country has gone into a very rapid downward spiral difficult to get out of.

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Is that a news? In the whole region there explosions are the normal case , not the exemption.

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Poor Lebanon. Never catch a break

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This is why tanker drivers earn more than regular truckers do.

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Other media is reporting that the previously hidden truck had been seized by the Lebanese Army and they were giving away the fuel inside. Scuffles broke out among people lined up for the fuel immediately before the explosion.

The Bank of Lebanon recently stopped subsidizing gasoline causing prices to soar. Many gas stations are refusing to sell gas waiting for prices to rise further. The Lebanese Army has been forcing gas stations to sell gas. A hidden tanker implies someone tried stashing some gas away today hoping for higher prices tomorrow. and the Lebanese Army seized it when they discovered it.

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This is why tanker drivers earn more than regular truckers do.

I drove gasoline tankers to pay for grad school. The pay is less than you think, and the truck companies all expect you to work 12-14 hours a day. Lifting those hoses five or six times a night to make deliveries is hard physical work. I'm paying for it now with back and knee pain. The inflamed AC joint and tennis elbow from squeezing a heavy duty fuel nozzle to refuel earth moving equipment all night (lots of climbing on equipment made slippery with dew and diesel residue) and operating a pump truck have since subsided however. The final straw was the prohibition of drivers with commercial licenses from going to traffic school, even when the violation happened in your own car or motorcycle. No amount of money would convince me to go back to that. There are good, logical reasons the trucking industry faces a drivers shortage and it has little to do with pay.

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