Police fatally shoot Texas fugitive after he kills family of 5


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Texas again!

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This is the exact reason we need the death penalty instead of life in prison. There is no control over lifers, what do they have to lose? When the death penalty is given there should be one year and one year only to hear any appeals to a special court created for that purpose. If the appeal is rejected the sentence needs to be carried out within 48 hours. Appeals that stretch out for decades are absurd.

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I KNOW! It is becoming very boring the selective articles. How about the 50+ shot over the memorial weekend in Chicago!?

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Only 3 comments on this story? Hard to believe.

Rest In Peace to the family who lost their lives to this garbage of a human.

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It seems they have to check a little bit all the influx of violence and other bad influence from the South. IMO, the only good thing from the South is Southern Comfort, and even that is produced inside US and you can only stand it cooled down with ice cubes. lol

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