Full steam ahead for Titanic II


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I think there's a reason why no-one has built a Titanic II before now... it's a cursed name.

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Next up will be Hindenburg II, Challenger II, and the 2013 Ford Pinto.

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Australian mining magnates... more money than sense.

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Nine decks leaves plenty of space for pie shops....

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The work carried out by Deltamarin will enable China’s CSC Jinling Shipyard to begin construction of the passenger liner, which will be 270 meters long, 53 meters high and weigh 40,000 tons.

No thanks, I pass. Can you imagine what's like when we add 20,000 passengers' weight to 40,000 tons?

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On the bright side, this will employ a lot of people. It sure beats this guy's money sitting around doing nobody any good. But if it was me, I would have it build in Ireland or the UK.

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I can not wait to see it!!

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He's chasing a growing market: the obese and the elderly. Traveling by modern cruise liner is like paying to be trapped inside a shopping mall.

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Laguna, many people pay now to travel on the QE II from Southampton to New York. The new ship will have the same name and might even look like it but that where it ends. Am sure the new ship will be diesel electric. This takes up so much less space and tonnage. Second the steel used will be so much better. Third, Add a double hull for safety and especially 21 century plumbing! Forth add a better maneuvering system. Fitfth add Radar, communications, Sat navigation and more. As I said the ship is very very different. The name part is pure superstition.

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Can you imagine if this ship sank too? Scary!

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"He's chasing a growing market: the obese and the elderly."

Well these rich people only think of themselves. xD

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Gurukun, am very sure this ship will not sink too. Superstition is at work here. It is why there are no number 4, 9 and 13 hospital rooms in Okinawa. 4 or shi (death) 9 ku (suffering) and 13. I would think a cruise would be a nice change of pace. However my guy agrees with Laguna.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein Just a thought!

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