British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hosts a virtual meeting of G-7 world leaders, from within the Cabinet Room at Downing Street in London, on Friday. Photo: AP pool

G-7 vows 'equitable' world vaccine access, but details scant

By Jill Lawless

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Russia has delivered it's highly effect Sputnik V vaccine to 26 countries already, at a very reasonable price.

Meanwhile Western Big Pharma is gouging developing countries.

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If forced, which likely, it’s Sputnik. Phizer just pulled biggest con job in history, forcing EU to pay $65 for just one dose!

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Vaccines should be free to everyone, except the elite.

Only the rich should pay for it.

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Isn't there is an infighting within the European countries! And Japan has just received her first batch of vaccines!

Thats says all, they were stockpiling vaccines for their own using,their stockpiling were more than they needed!

The G7 was not just greedy but despicable!Politicalrizing the use of vaccines, sick if their deeds!

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