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G7 officials make progress but no final deal on money for Ukraine from frozen Russian assets


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That bunch of losers don't know Russia is ready to take US and European assets in Russian soil..

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TokyoLivingToday 06:53 am JST

That bunch of losers don't know Russia is ready to take US and European assets in Russian soil..

Someone doesn't know that those assets shouldn't be there in the first place.

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Concerning those frozen Russian assets (money), as for the EU Orban's Hung(a)ry is voting against it.

Orban's Hung(a)ry is voting against any support for Ukraine.

So Orban's Hung(a)ry should finally get out of the EU!

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What Yellen is proposing is a serious crime known as : Thefting!

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crime known as : Thefting!

Chinese term?

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I don’t see “lack of money donated by others” as a primary issue for Ukraine.

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@ok1517 That certainly is an interesting take on the EU which purportedly a democratic institution.

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Just Do It!

It’s a great idea. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.

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Remember when they handed seized money to Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc for their collective activities... Quite the juxtaposition.

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concerns that Russia could retaliate against the diminished number of Western companies and individuals who still have holdings in Russia, or against the Euroclear securities depository in Belgium where the bulk of the funds is held.


Any case what else could Russia do?

Article didn't mention much in way of possible repercussions.

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Russia will simply confiscate assets of western countries there.

They have largely not done that yet but there will be repurcussions.

Certain countries are more exposed and they know it.

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