G7 tells Russia to end Ukraine destabilization or face more sanctions


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You notice they don't say what actions.

Hey G7, for every finger you point, two point back at you. Some still do, but most people now realize how the US/EU/IMF/NATO started all this and are not believing your lies.

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What? Who dare say it to Russia? A bunch of boneless euroservants of the USA who openly supports current bloody junta of neoNAZIs in Kiev? Or, maybe, that one semi-educated Barack Hussein Obama who has recently exchanged a deserter of US Armed Forces to 5 top Taliban leaders? Shut up, you, worthless bunch of clowns !

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Keep on talking, and Putin keeps on pushing his mother Russia's bully tactics.

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G7 members have gathered to criticize Putin or have some other business to discuss as well?

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Fact is, the Russia has more to threaten the G7 with than the G7 has to threaten Russia. These pathetic fools just can´t resist poking the old bear.

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I'm curious how is Russia destabilizing Ukraine?

They pulled troops from the boarder...they are not allowed by NATO to send essential food and supplies to Russian speaking citizens in Donetsk...

Must be because Russia has NOT turned off gas supply to Ukraine even when full payment has not been made for gas that is being consumed by the government that is exterminating its own population.

It must be because Russia has so far accepted 7000 refugees in counting that are trying to escape being slaughtered by the own government. Perhaps G7 would like to see them all exterminated without any possible means of escape. And for this to all spill onto russian soil.

If this is not genoside I dont know what is...

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FizzBitJun. 05, 2014 - 09:18AM JST

You notice they don't say what actions.

Hey G7, for every finger you point, two point back at you. Some still do, but most people now realize how the US/EU/IMF/NATO started all this and are not believing your lies.

Why should they? You do not give up all cards in advance to Russia. The G7 is playing cards right. Keep it mind that Russia has violated the INTERNATIONAL LAW. I would like to nail this fact back to you over and over until you get it.

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OK I'll bite. What international law?

Keep in mind that I am of the opinion that Putin is no Saint.

But after it was obvious to Putin of the US/EU/IMF/NATO's intentions of encircling Russia over the past 20 years, with the final straw being the Nuland cookies-n-coup, Putin, as a matter of national security and strategy, had no choice but to take Crimea. I would too. Haven't you ever played RISK?

P.S. I'll leave you with this to ponder while you ready your hammer, just be careful not to hit your thumb.

Replacement Mi24 attack helicopters have arrived in Ukraine as replacements for the Ukraine Army losses in Donbas. Confirmed.

Strong bombardments Slavyansk City and outlying towns and villages commenced 05:00 local time 05.06.2014. Civilian casualties unknown.

National guard/right sector entered Railroad Hospital Krasni Liman and shot dead 37 wounded Donbas Army soldiers and civilians and at least 1 hospital worker. Confirmed.

Air and artillery bombardments Krasni Liman cause strong civilian casualties 04.06.2014.

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FizzBitJun. 06, 2014 - 04:00PM JST


OK I'll bite. What international law?

Here are my answers to your question listed above.

The United Nations charter (article 2(4)) prohibits "the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations

Russia’s decision to move military forces into Ukraine is not only a violation of the UN Charter and general international law, but also of the bilateral treaty permitting Russia to retain the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine, and also of the security assurances given in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 by Russia (and also by the US, the UK, France and China)

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move military forces into Ukraine

Can you be more specific please?

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