Gadhafi forces killed detainees, survivors say


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So now Ghadafi, who cried that he will be victorious or martyred (nothing in between), is pleading for negotiations after slaughtering so many innocents... I wonder how Asagao is going to blame this on the UN.

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Some rebel fighters have mistreated detainees, pushing or hitting them, though others have tried to stop abuse. In many cases, wounded rebels and regime fighters were treated side-by-side in rebel-controlled hospitals.

On Sunday, in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, rebels apprehended a dozen black men and accused them of being mercenaries in Gadhafi’s army. The detainees were occasionally punched before one of the rebels convinced his comrades the men were just migrant workers.

Not ass innocent as being made by most of the press.

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This "report" is very confusing. I don't think the rebels have taken control of Tripoli -and have only gotten photo-ops when the NATO air bombings were in place directly overhead. The CIA/Al-Qaeda Rebels are killing indescrimately since they are desperate. I think the Libyian people are winning this War besides the constant NATO bombing overhead. I hope the Libyian people can hold off Dictator Obama's CIA Army (and media campaign -it seems).

If the Rebels had control of Tripoli you would expect Gadhafi.

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It is amazing to see the Western press cheer on this illegal war conducted by Sarkozy and Obama. What a turnaround since Iraq.

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Gee, WilliB, you'd better avert your eyes from some of the more gruesome pictures of burnt out skeletons of prisoners that the Western press is printing and distributing far and wide. Not the handiwork of Gaddafi's army?

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If you live by the sword, guess what, you Gaduffy, will die by the sword, this aint no CIA, FBI covert operations, the same Arabs are sick and tired of their dictators, so people over in Havana, Caracas must be pissing in their pants and praying that hungry, angry folk in Cuba, Venezuela do not get any funny ideas.

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Does "illegal war" mean you're pro Ghadaffi willi?

I mean it's a popular uprising by Libyans that clearly needed help from massacare by a much better armed and trained African mercenary Army bought by Libyan petro-dollars...

These people are brave and have earned a chance at freedom. Sorry it doesn't do much for your islamaphobian fantasies.

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Blame is squarely on England, France and US. Revenge will most likely take place, but bombing US may be logistically impossible, so be careful of assets. This illegal war will lead to division. Already Bengasis want to have all the power. All news out of Libya is NATO propaganda. Journalist are based with insurgents but never report on the terrorists massacres. Before this NATO war crime, Libya was one of the only countries in the world with no debt. Now the terrorist are in debt to NATO and have already signed away vast amounts of the peoples oil to western capitalist interests.

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Can anybody really defend this regime anymore? No wonder the Libyans themselves rose up! Nobody wants to live their lives fearing under such a dictatorship. No life is worth living under such fear.

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calling this an "illegal war" does not make him pro Gaddafi. Those petro dollars also gave all Libyans free electricity, water and health care. Gaddafi must surely have had his peoples interests in mind to do that, it's better than most developed countries.

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But if ya live in fear, it's not worth it.

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I too wish NATO need not be involved. But I don't blame the Libyans for rising up. It would've been ideal if the Libyans would've done all this by themselves. But a prolonged war would've jeopardized more lives in the long run. And we all want less people getting killed. So the faster this is over, the better.

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