Gadhafi taunts NATO on TV; regime says 11 clerics killed


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He was reacting to the extremist actions by the West against Islam. We do not think al-Qaida is justifiable, but we would like to remind you that hatred begets hatred.”

Says the people sniping innocents on the streets.

And besides, isn't that a bit of a contradictory statement? He says that Al Queda was responding to the extremist actions by the West, then follows it up by saying they weren't justified. So what exactly is he justifying?

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So, NATO's plan is to assassinate Gadhafi to resolve this quagmire they have gotten themselves into? I guess when you control the International Criminal Court, you are allowed to violate international law on warfare.

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Other reports state that the Canadian-led NATO forces killed almost 20 innocent civilians yesterday in another botched operation.This is looking very bad.

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Pride comes before a fall. Baiting the US or NATO might be fun, but usually ends up with bad results for dictators.

It sounds as though he has already dug a concrete bolt-hole deeper than the latest bunker busters can reach. Only from this could such confidence rise. Boasting will be a dangerous game, though.

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Kinda reminds me of Saddam. 'Here I am!' 'I'm gonna kick your a** and I've got the stuff to take you out and more!'

'Suicide by cop' waitin' for an Allied fed-up itchy finger.

You go Qadaffy!

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I smiled at Ossama's demise, but I'll crack a decent bottle when Moammar bites it, hopefully after a trial by his countrymen.

If anyone still doubts the Colonel isn't off his face on charlie, like his sons, then they've never seen anyone under the influence of Columbia's finest export.

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Isn't Gadhafi an enemy of al Qaida?

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