Gadhafi's body stashed in shopping center freezer


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Repugnant behaviour! While Ghadafi was a murderous villain, the people who caught, tortured, and killed him are no better, and these people going to see his body stuffed in a freezer are not much better either. And this is the 'new world' for Libya?

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authorities tried to figure out where to bury the longtime dictator.

"authorities" - yah, nice one.

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Muslims like Jews must be buried within 24 hours. Take him out to the dessert and bury him in an unmarked grave.

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While I don't condone parading his corpse around, it's important that people are able to see he is dead. Ghadafi is like the boogieman at this point, people need to see it to believe it - that's why those videos of him captured/dead were so important.

I think, too, we need to be less critical. Transitions like this take time - a lot of time - and there will be continued ugliness for a while as things get sorted out. To imagine that Lybia is going to go from a dictatorship to a perfect liberal democracy in the blink of an eye is foolish.


Ghadafi is gone. Somebody has to be in charge.

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Ghadafi is dead, and the images of that death may well have been gruesome but for many that was needed. Though it hardly inspires confidence in what the new Libya will be like. Now we can expect the factions to start fighting to find who is going to rule next. By the way wouldn’t a reasonably educated journalist use the word stomach rather than belly?

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Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam also said authorities are "debating right now what the best place is to bury him."

In the sea?

Is it possible that Nato decided to throw in the towel and needed a pretext (Gaddafi's death) to get out and leave the rebels to their own fate? (See link at end)

We saw the videos of Gaddafi (actor?) being roughed up and covered in blood(?) but then, according to the AP story:

[M]ost accounts agree upon is that Gadhafi died about 30-40 minutes later as he was being taken in an ambulance to Misrata. […] Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril gave a different account Thursday, saying the fatal wounds were suffered later, when Gadhafi had been taken to the ambulance. As it set off for Misrata, the vehicle was caught in crossfire between revolutionaries and Gadhafi loyalists.

Information Minister Mahmoud Shammam mirrored this version Friday, saying the wounds came later, after his capture. “It seems like the bullet was a stray and it could have come from the revolutionaries or the loyalists,” Shammam said. “The problem is everyone around the event is giving his own story.”

Is it possible the videos were faked? And is the body in the freezer Gaddafi's or someone else's?

There were reports of Gaddafi's sons being killed earlier on and then turning up alive later. Same goes for the multiple deaths of Osama, especially the latest show in Pakistan, as well as other members of Al Qaeda.

Hilarious Clinton was also in Tripoli the day before on a photo op and calling for the death of Gaddafi. And suddenly, one day later he's dead. I'm not saying that Gaddafi isn't dead, just that there is more to this story than what is being reported.

NATO Surrenders -- The Real Deal

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BBC News showed his corpse lying inside a container and on view to the public. Guest it's the nearest to lying in state he will have. The people are happy he's dead. There's a party atmosphere in Tripoli.

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What a mess. I am certainly not sad to see him gone but they've lowered themselves to his level with the brutality of his murder. God/Allah help Libya as it is going to need it.

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For many Libyans they need to see the corpse of Gaddafi because they can't really believe he's death and they don't have to fear him anymore.

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NATO will continue to monitor the no-fly zone for a couple of more weeks.

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Why are we marking Zichi down for stating facts again?

NATO will continue to monitor the no-fly zone for a couple of more weeks.

is hardly an opinion statement or a value judgement...

Perhaps we just don't like facts here at JT.

Hrmmm. I may be on to something here...

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smithinjapanOCT. 22, 2011 - 08:51AM JST Repugnant behaviour! While Ghadafi was a murderous villain, the people who caught, tortured, and killed him are no better, and these people going to see his body stuffed in a freezer are not much better either. And this is the 'new world' for Libya?

Easy for some to say sitting cozy long distance watching TV!

If someone's family and/or close friends were tortured and murdered by this ruthless tyrant, them people have a different view of justice. Justice get's dished out in a different form just like you seen it happen.

No going to court for crimes against humanity for this type of monster. Let the rebels have him. After all it was Gadhafi who hired foreign mercenaries to go weed out and kill his own Libyan people without any hesitation.

Cold blooded murderer who's only goal was to stay in power at any cost.

I know for sure If i were a Libyan fighting with the rebels in this uprising, if my family or friends were harmed through the decades under Gadhafi's rule, if i was present in that type of situation during his capture. No Hesitation to pull the trigger, no hesitation for instant retribution!

That being said, Gadhafi was Hard. He didn't flee into exile or surrender himself. This guy may have been loony but hard. Talk about history dying on his home ground in his home town.

But these Rebels ( ex-rebels ) are Hard to the core! Very brave and strong guys. Goes to show just with the help of air support, these Rebels will GET THE JOB DONE! on the ground.

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Obama and Sarkozy will tout Gaddis death as a great success. Not so.

Saif al Islam and his siblings are still around. Their own Qadhafah tribe and its allies, the Warfalla, Al-Awaqir and Magariha, will not rest until they avenge their leader's death. Furthermore, those tribes remain as hostile as ever to rule over their territory by the National Transitional Council and the tribes of Cyrenaica in eastern Libya which the NTC represents.

So, Libya is now looking forward to an endless bloody civil war. The only "benefit" that the murder of Gaddafi brings for the West, is an excuse for France and the UK to withdraw their illegal special forces.

Obama, Sarkozy, and Cameron have created another bloody, unstable mess, in which increasingly the islamists will gain power. Well done, fools.... NOT!

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What's his "sell by" date?

Is he in the organic section?

EBT card okay?

Clean-up in aisle...

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zichiOCT. 22, 2011 - 12:08PM JST For many Libyans they need to see the corpse of Gaddafi because they can't really believe he's death and they don't have to fear him anymore.

Yep exactly. They need to see it to believe it. Just like us here, we want to see Gadhafi's dead pics to actually believe he is dead and gone.

Remember all the problems when it came to confirm if Osama was actually killed? The White House had a hard time getting the public to believe OBL was actually killed during the Seal operation.

Amazing so many people actually want this twisted monster to be nicely handled, all cleaned up, put in a suit and brought in front a court of law.

What about the justice for all the people his regime tortured and murdered? All the Fathers and Sons who disappeared and never returned home?

Gadhafi had this coming. He had plenty of time to quietly leave into exile. He was warned and given a way out many many times.

He chose this path. This was his destiny. He knew this is how the end would come. Maybe he actually wanted to go that way.

This is war and this is what happens in war, it's not watching Barney and Friends.

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" Why are we marking Zichi down for stating facts again? "

I don´t care about marking, but since when is Zichi stating "facts"? His speculation about the no-fly zone is just that... speculation.

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NATO, under Canadian leadership on this mission, should take a bow. It wasn't pretty but they offed the dictator. Deal with the other stuff later.

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NATO said on Friday it plans to end its seven-month bombing campaign in Libya at the end of the month, leaving the battle-scarred country's new authorities on their own to ensure security after the death of Muammar Gaddafi and the ouster of his regime.

The alliance made a preliminary decision to end the campaign on Oct. 31 and will make the formal decision next week, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after a meeting of the alliance's governing body, the North Atlantic Council.

Diplomats said NATO air patrols are set to continue over Libya in the next 10 days as a precautionary measure to ensure the stability of the new regime. They will gradually be reduced in coming days if there are no further outbreaks of violence.

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"His speculation about the no-fly zone is just that... speculation."

Weill willi, coming from someone like yourself who just above is claiming Obama and Sarkozy caused this conflict (WTF?) I think you'd do well to think about what you write before looking so foolish.

If only you could see how desperate you sound for this conflict to end badly. Tunisia and Egypt didn't collapse into mayhem as you were hoping/predicting. No suicide bombings, no brutal sharia fantasies for you to sweat about.

Here's a tissue.

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I have no idea why people are giving you thumbs-down for posting facts either. Like Triumvere said, the crazies on JT feel threatened by facts they can't refute.

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Colonel Gadhafi was too naive that he believes the west has forgotton the PAMAM explosion and Rockerbie disaster which was under his direct order! And the Libyan colonel has given up making nuclear/chemical weapon to defense himself but hiding behind a group of 'virgin bodyguards' which he was so proud of touring around the world! If he has the wisdom like Kim JonIl who never gives up nuclear weapons no matter how much hardships and periodic exerting punishments over the south to gain the respects from adversaries or he may have a better ending! 'Loser' is a title granted to those who 'givesup',a hard lesson!

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someone is following me around the forum because in one minute of posting a down vote is cast but I care not!

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Who in the big bad world really cares that Gadhafi is dead? It matters to the people of Libya of course and a nasty select group of business people who either don’t want past secrets told or want to get in there rebuilding what NATO knocked down. But is this going to make that big a difference to many lives? Not very likely is it? Just this weeks news. And maybe next weeks conspiracy. As we saw with Bin Laden he was no sooner announced as dead that we were being told why it wasn’t true. What added to the Bin Laden is alive conspiracy was that many of the team that were said to have killed him were themselves killed a few weeks later. Very neat getting rid of the witnesses that might say the wrong thing. Even here we have got one post that has already got in on the Gadhafi isn’t dead conspiracy. Any body got any good ideas how this might play out next week? A game a bit like fantasy football played out with dead heads of state. Oh dear! Just remembered the heir to Saudi has just died too. I wonder how that is connected to Gadhafi’s death. Not doubt we will learn the “truth” next week.

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Facts can be true or false. If someone thinks Zichi is incorrect, it would behoove them to post a correction rather than just hit thumbs down.

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smithinjapan, I agree with you disgusting. Just a new set of thugs to run the country and at a billion dollar cost to the American public.

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Your claims against the 'MSM' fall short when you must resort to using trashy anti-semitic sites like the what really happened link you linked above as evidence for your claims.

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