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Gadhafi's son vows no surrender to Libyan rebels


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Typical rhetoric from the losing side.

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blah, blah and blah, wonders if he can hide in China or Russia? Run little man, your misdeeds are going to catch up with you. Perhaps he can soon hang out with his dad. A family union at the gallows.

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Never surrender to the bengasi terrorists and NATO and oil companies. Lie low and strike from the shadows and take the war to the streets of Europe would be their best strategy.

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Geez, Asagao you seem like a Cuban communist here. Anyway, Japan is a free country, you are free to comment as you like, not like in China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba etc..right? PS, I do hope the good Libyan people catch Kaddufy and family alive, do not let them commit suicide and let them say take a taste of their own medicine.

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The Great Western Empire is on a roll. First Afghanistan, then Iraqi, now Lybia... Soon the whole world!

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Isn't that what his father said before seeking a deal when he obviously lost, and before fleeing to Algeria? I predict this will also be like father, like son, and the guy will run when it's obvious his time's up.

Asagao: "Never surrender to the bengasi terrorists and NATO and oil companies. Lie low and strike from the shadows and take the war to the streets of Europe would be their best strategy."

So you're a fan of Ghadafi?

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Gaddafi was a bad guy turned good. What we are witnessing NATO do is a war crime.

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Perpetual chaos, just like Iraq and Afghanistan. And next will be Syria with a little help from the mainstream media.

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Seif al-Islam: "Attack the rats"

Ha ha ha, he's a rat himself.

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Asagao: "Gaddafi was a bad guy turned good."

A bad guy turned good?? Seriously? What was good about him?

"What we are witnessing NATO do is a war crime."

I'm starting to think you're just being sarcastic all the time. NATO, while not at all angels, are RESPONDING to war crimes committed by the dictator in question. I'm really quite amazed by the way you try to spin this.

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Actually, the "war crimes" (which are suspiciously only mentioned by the western journalists who have been on the front line with the terrorists the whole NATO invasion) only seemed to happen after NATO bombed the legitimate government and civilians, armed a murderous rebel movement and put their special forces on the ground. They blew up Gadaffis grandchildren and flooded the country with arms. They also stole the govts money and gave it to the terrorists. Gaddafi was using the oil money to provide water, power and stability to all his people. Now, the bengasi few, who promised NATO oil, with have their pockets lined with cash.

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Asagao, the civil war is almost over. Gadaffi lost and with luck will be tracked down, put on trial and then justly hung. I have to stick up for NATO and the Americans on this issue. I agree with Smithinjapan on this issue. Your spin on this is wild.

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Gadhafi is like Stalin. Stalin provided water, power, and stability to his people too. Anybody here wanna live under Stalin's Russia? Thought so.

Why would any pacifist want this war to continue? Gadhafi lost. It's over. He has no friends left. Even China does not recognize his government anymore.

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