Gates eyes partnership with South Korea over global health


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Message to South Korea: Just say NO. Keep the phoney away from anything to do with your health system.

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He already made $180billion on his $20billion SARS-CoV-19 campaign, so time to diversify. Obviously he will target rich countries.

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He already made $180billion on his $20billion SARS-CoV-19 campaign

You have statistics to back up your claim that Gates has increased his wealth by $180 billion?

At all current estimates he is valued at far less than that and also announced last month that he plans to give away almost his entire wealth to charity.

What is your source?

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Doing business and making money the smart way. It’s too bad China isn’t more like S. Korea.

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Wash your hand afterwards.

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So I guess mr. Gates knows that Covid will never end!!?

Not a fan, not your client either. Take care of people dying from hunger, please!!!

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