Gay rights advocates march on DC, divided on Obama


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"Many marchers were outraged after the passage of California’s Proposition 8, which canceled the right of gays to get married in the state." I thought that was a democratic decision. Wrong again.

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Obama better be true to his word on ending this ban. It's absolutely unacceptable that gay people be discriminated against.

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I agree with dolphingirl, but just being 9 months into office, Obama is very busy with some other issues right now. Just because he doesn't change the policy immediately doesn't mean that he won't. Bill Clinton got into a big mess when he tried to fully integrate gays into the military, giving us the present policy.

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Prop 8 is up to the courts, President can only do so much when it comes to the judicial system.

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Gay rights,no help from normal persons but help is on the way, from Superman Obama.

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It'll happen. It's just the bible thumpers who will be fighting tooth and nail to keep them out of the military. Especially the ones who have never served a day in their lives in uniform.

Gays are normal people just like any of us posting on JapanToday. Maybe even more normal than some. < :-)

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President Obama won the gay-lesbian vote because millions of gay progressives sensed a kindred spirit in him. He needs to deliver on his promises. If he has the courage he can be the first gay president, in the same way that Clinton totally pushed the envelope and enraged all the wingers by accepting the compliment that he was in many ways our first black president.

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I don't think that he'd be all that concerned about that title. He's got other things on his plate. But, I think he's serious about opening the doors to gays in the military. It ain't no problem. < :-)

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During Nam when they had the draft, was there a bottom line there that asked if you were gay or not? Nope! Even if you told them you were gay, you still got drafted. You could go to any draft office wearing pumps, skirts and make up and they would still draft you.

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@Yelnats: Your comment reminded me of the character on the hit US TV show "MASH" set during the Korean War --> Klinger. In the beginning years, he was always dressed in drag as he desparately tried to get discharged from serving in the military. But then, after awhile, when that wasn't so funny or maybe wasn't considered too PC, Klinger thankfully became just a regular soldier sans the dress and heels.

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As usual Obama's priorities are spot on. Afghanistan and replies to the winger generals who call for more troops can wait. Its the gay lobby that should rightfully be taking up the president's time.

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How about Lady GaGa as our Joan of Arc? -I will carry a torch to that one.

=Expect more protests and marches soon because many people are unhappy.

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It's just the bible thumpers who will be fighting tooth and nail to keep them out of the military.

Ahem. From the article:

Keynote speaker Julian Bond, chairman of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, firmly linked the gay rights struggle to the civil rights movement, saying gays and lesbians should be free from discrimination. “Black people of all people should not oppose equality, and that is what marriage is all about,” he said.

Now why would he say that? Because of those who oppose same-sex marriage, it's blacks who, by percentage, are the strongest opponents. Just attend a Sunday service in any black church that Jeremiah Wright isn't preaching in to find out why.

Also from the article:

Kipp Williams, a 27-year-old San Francisco resident, said he moved to California from the South seeking equality but realized after Proposition 8 that gay people are second-class citizens everywhere.

Okay, I live in the South, and I've never seen homosexuals beng told to sit in the back of the bus, or being told they won't be served at the local diner. Only very few states in the entire U.S. permit same-sex marriage, so why mention the South?

Also, it's interesting that there are states that allow civil unions which provide the same legal rights as marriage, and that's still not enough for the activists. I have a theory as to why, and I've run it past a few friends of mine who are homosexual, and they agreed. Even I was surprised by that. Maybe I'm not such a right-wing extremist after all. Or perhaps the same-sex marriage activists don't have quite the support they think they do.


Afghanistan and replies to the winger generals who call for more troops can wait.

Yes, why save lives, stop terrorism and promote equality in Afghanistan? Let them eat wedding cake!

I did have a bit of a chuckle when I read the article, because people were actually surprised that Obama hadn't fulfilled a campaign promise. Where have they been all this time?

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