Genetically modified wheat found in Montana


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There has been little evidence to show that foods grown from engineered seeds are less safe than their conventional counterparts

As if that were the only concern. GMOs are grown in fields soaked in toxic chemicals, that's what they're engineered for. 'Roundup Ready' crops are used specifically so that they can be sprayed with herbicide. Who wants to eat stuff that has been sprayed with poison? Ick.

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If this stuff has actually crossed with normal wheat, which it isn't supposed to be able to do, the result could affect the food supply. Ah well.. another log on the fire.

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"Monsanto Co. suggested last year that some of the companys detractors may have intentionally planted the seeds."

I think it's more probably Monsanto is creating the facts on the ground with a "Johnny Appleseed" policy...

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Yummy Goodness (TM) from the folks who brought you Agent Orange.

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