George Clooney says Sudan commiting war crimes


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See, here are men who have money, know-how, connections, the ear of the press and attention of the public... and they use it for entirely worthwhile things, simply for Good and nothing else. My hat (if I had one) off to them.

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A philanthropist if I ever saw one....I deeply respect George Clooney both as an actor and person. If all the wealthy and powerful were as committed to doing good as he is, we would soon see a lot of change in the world!

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Wow! My opinion of George Clooney just skyrocketed. Go George! I agree totally with Maria. Bono is another good example of someone who uses his celebrity status in good ways to help the world in small ways.

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This guy is out of control....

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He has given so much time and energy to the poor people of Sudan, even at risk to his own health and life!

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George Clooney is a war crimes expert?

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George Clooney is a war crimes expert?

Probably has more experience than any of us here though. You could tell some war crimes, yes? Now imagine someone with more experience. You don't have to be an expert.

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Now if only Mr. Clooney would take that fool Sean Penn under his wing and show him how celebrity activism is done correctly.

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“What I’d like is for the president to send a high-level envoy to China,” he said. “We believe there’s a moment in time when we can have a non-adversarial relationship with them.”

Poor Clooney. He actually thinks that when Obama mouthed Hope and Change it was supposed to mean something...

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Yes, lets send the US into Sudan next! What a great Idea! I'm sure you all support that! What a crock!

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George Clooney and his father arrested in a demo outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington.

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