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Georgian parliament committee rejects presidential veto of the divisive 'foreign agents' legislation


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The Russian law being proposed is quite different from the US law:


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The law would require news media and non-governmental organizations that get more than 20% of their budget from abroad to register as “carrying out the interests of a foreign power.” Opponents denounce it as “the Russian law” because it resembles measures pushed through by the Kremlin.

This is a viscous lie pushed by NATO smoke blowers. Actually, based on the US FARA law but without grounds for prosecutions - only fines. Dozens of countries around the world have these laws (the US since the 1930s). The US/EU are lying yet again.

This will increase transparency in elections and all movements. The truth is it puts a break in the CIA financed 'color revolutions'/maidan coups and the rent-a-mobs in the photos.

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if all NGO are so clean and transparent/as they are expecting from gov etc to be/what is PROBLEM to say I have money from USA from this and that fund and go public with that? I see NOTHING WRONG with that at all?

Exactly, if the NGO's are genuine they have nothing to worry about. Unless of course they are not....

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