German fighter jets en route to Australia as Berlin shifts focus to Indo-Pacific


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Near complete economic and social breakdown they should better hurry up and focus on themselves while they still can.

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I'm surprised Germany had enough fuel to waste.


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Good for Germany. The free world has been brought closer together in the light of fascist Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, and China's warlike behaviour.

Near complete economic and social breakdown

Your description of crumbling, desperate fascist Russia is very accurate. Well done!

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The region has never bin stable .

Germany sounds desperate

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Germany sounds desperate

Desperate for supporting democracy, rule of law and freedom of navigation of the seas in the region? Hardly.

The desperate are those who support (or cower to) totalitarian China or fascist Russia and accept what they are doing.

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More cooperation is good. I'm a little surprised that a few people here aren't calling this an invasion or occupation by foreign troops, as they do for other deployments by other invited military groups and equipment.

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