German Foreign Ministry says ambassador to China has died


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Why is this a news story on the Japan Today? I can understand it being a news story in English-language China media or Chinese-orientated German media, but it isn't really relevant here unless there is some foul play at hand.

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@Ubesh It is under the World News Section so I can't see why you have a problem with it.

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Well, as a German in Japan I think it’s quite relevant news, and reading it I found quickly a minimum of two reasons to consider it as such.

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There are news on American politics or American baseball on this website so why not on Germany?

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How the hell did he die?

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Per other news source, Jan Hecker had appeared "happy and all right" when he hosted an event about German artist Joseph Beuys at his Beijing home last Friday, a guest at the event said.

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Sad and suspicious!

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I don't wish to speculate, but this sounds extremely troubling. Germany would not have sent someone to China with any health issues. Just saying.

I trust the Germans will conduct a full coronial investigation into this.


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Does't sound like they would actually be so called healthy if they die. Unless they got hit by a truck.

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Germany would not have sent someone to China with any health issues. Just saying.I Itrust the Germans will conduct a full coronial investigation into this. implying the Chinese got rid off him for some reason ? People don't suddenly have heart attacks or strokes?...Tragic but not uncommon.

Even so called healthy people can just die.

Indeed. Unfortunately a lot of conditions go undiagnosed until the worst happens.

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People just love to imagine the worst, don’t they. Of course apparently healthy 54 year-olds can die suddenly and from natural causes. A friend’s son dropped dead at 30 from a previously unsuspected problem, and he was nowhere near China.

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Mr Kipling, it is news for the reasons pointed out above.

People will speculate, that they jump to conclusions and are suspicious in relation to China is entirely due to the Chinese governments previous actions and behaviour.

In this case there are few facts to consider beyond the sudden death of a recently appointed and otherwise apparently healthy middle aged man. A post-mortem will hopefully produce the cause of death and put to rest the conspiracy theories, or confirm them.

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Don't drink the water

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Corrected post.

This story deserves to be followed.

Dr. Hecker, until his posting as ambassador this summer, was Merkel's foreing policy advisor and equivilent to the National Security Director.

This morning from the MorganPost:

Shortly after taking up his post in Beijing, the new German ambassador to China, Jan Hecker, died unexpectedly. The Foreign Office announced in Berlin on Monday morning. Before taking on the important diplomatic post in the Chinese capital, the 54-year-old was a foreign policy advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). The circumstances of his death initially remained unclear.

After arriving in Beijing, the top diplomat and his family first went through the quarantine that is usual in China due to the corona pandemic. Hecker then handed over his credentials in Beijing at the end of August and began regular work.

German diplomats in Beijing did not want to comment on the circumstances of death and only referred to the Foreign Office. Hecker's previous representative, the envoy Frank Rückert, is now temporarily assuming the role of ambassador.

Before he was posted to China, Hecker had been Head of the Foreign, Security and Development Policy Department at the Federal Chancellery since 2017, making him a close confidante of the Chancellor. He accompanied Merkel on her travels.

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Professor Hecker had top clearance for a long time and had access to considerable information. Germany and NATO would be well advised to quickly start damage control.

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A politician appointed by Merkel who has a pragmatically friendly relationship with China. Sounds like a CIA hit job to remind Germany who is boss.

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No, they don't.

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I trust the Germans will conduct a full coronial investigation into this.

i dont trust china to allow them to do so

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CCP sending a message to Merkel.

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i dont trust china to allow them to do so

A death of a German diplomat will be investigated and the autopsy conducted by the Germans, not the Chinese. The Chinese cannot do a whole lot to prevent this. The Germans have the body and an autopsy will in all likelihood be conducted in Germany.

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CCP sending a message to Merkel

You people are off the hinge! A middle aged guy dies suddenly. Let's see what an autopsy says before jumping to wild conclusions. It is no wonder elected governments cannot pursue any rational policies when their constituents are foaming at the mouth with conspiracies.

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