Knife attack in German city leaves 3 dead; suspect arrested


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Great news that bystanders helped.

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I was imagining a sword or a meat cleaver. In the photos though it does not look 'long' or 'really big'...

Scary enough, though.

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This was a few years back but like with a lot of countries, Germany has laws on the books to curtail a lot of these attacks, but they’re not enforced properly.

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Why do some vote down this comment by GoodLuck above?

Great news that bystanders helped

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The suspect was in psychiatric treatment before the attack and had been known to police...

So why was he out of psychiatric treatment and what did the police do with their knowledge of him?

My condolences to the citizens of Wuerzburg. I traveled through the city three decades ago and remember the architecture of the city train station in downtown.

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@ Bass, no laws - you keep pushing your agenda and everyone here knows it.

The guy grabbed a knife at a store and went stabbing. He's got a history of mental ailments and just by shouting "Allahu akbar" it doesn't make him an Islamic terrorist. Well done for the police shooting him in the thigh to incapacitate him (3 years police training in Germany seems like a proper training).

Bad enough he took the lives of the department lady and 2 more on the street.

The perpetrator survived so we will know about his motives sooner or later.

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Merkel opened a can of worms with her immigration follies.

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Same old trope.

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I understand. Especially where in Somalia 99.1% are Muslims.

This guy could have been a Christian conservative.

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zichiToday  06:18 pm JST

The fact is, the majority of terrorists in Germany, France, the UK, Denmark and other EU countries are homeborn ones.


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He's got a history of mental ailments and just by shouting "Allahu akbar" it doesn't make him an Islamic terrorist

So what would, in your opinion?

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zichiToday  11:17 pm JST

Terrorist attacks are not the concern of a single country. The picture is bigger and greater.

But this article is about a terrorist attack in the single country of GERMANY.

zichiToday  11:17 pm JST

This is a terrorist attack that happened in Germany but also part of the greater EU and UK.

No, this terrorist attack only happened in GERMANY, not in part of the greater EU and UK.

According to the article to which we are posting.

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Notes have been found that point towards schizophrenia, not terrorism. And to yous who keep pushing that dratted agenda of "dangerous refugees", let me point out that it was an Iranian refugee who took the greatest risk in holding the attacker at bay. Even the conservative-right Bavarian premier Markus Söder which has an agenda of "stopping immigration" was full of praise for the courageous young man.

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who - Söder might be appalling but he's still a person, not a thing. Sorry about that and I wish we had a timed edit function here...

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IS encourages loners with psychiatric problems to do unspeakable things, and often takes the credit afterwards.

He shouted the Arabic name for the one god. His three victims were all women.

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Zichi wrote: "For many years we suffered on mainland Britain from IRA terrorist bombs financed by Americans."

This is, as per usual, a contrary, contradictory and incomprehensible comment from Zichi, who on a Monday will claim he is an Irish nationalist, Tuesday claim to be an Ulster Orange man, and on another day of the week say,"We on Mainland Britan".

What precisely are you saying?

BTW - If you insist on going into the past then - Ireland suffered many terrorist bombs financed and frequently organised and supplied from and by Britain.

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