German secret service 'spied on Hillary Clinton': reports


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Just illustrates that given the opportunity any country will spy on another, whether ally or foe.

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Paulinusa: That still doesn't make it right, does it?

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@Stuart Hayward, and just what exactly do you think you're going to be able to do about one country's government spying on another? Just wag your finger and complain because spying on allied nations has gone on for centuries and will continue for many more centuries. Read some books about intelligence gathering and spying. You may just learn that this is normal business for them.

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Stuart: Of course not, but it's a fact of life and at this point in time it will never change.

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Information and disinformation - the staple diet of spies everywhere. Easy to take advantage of being listened too, let your enemies hear the story that you want them to. Been going on for years...

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Probably should have read the article. The Germans say it was an accident, and as it only happened once I believe them. Clinton was in an airplane, not sitting in a hotel room. Of course the secret service is monitoring the airwaves. Duh! This is not remotely comparable to Prism.

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HonestDictator: What am I going to do about it?? Lol, not much except to voice my opinion. Normal business or not, I don't support the practice! I don't support the CIA's (above the law practices) either. Just because others do it, that doesn't make it legal or morally right. Paulinusa: (It's a fact of life at this point in time, it will never change) The act of murder is also a fact of life, in this point in time but I don't have to support it because it's so widespread!

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An unequivocal demonstration of the German government's hypocrisy.

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Spies spy. Why get into a huff over it when it is simply a fact of life?

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