Germany most energy efficient nation


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Too bad Germany now produces energy dirtier than ever due to their NPP shutdowns. They need to be energy efficient just to offset that poor decision.

Of course they still have no problems with importing French NPP-generated electricity, do they? NIMBY?

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Germany is beginning to turn its back on useless "renewables" such as Wind, because it is far too expensive and unreliable. They are starting to produce energy from coal again. "Anthropogenic Global Warming" has been shown for what it is- lies and fraud. There is no problem with CO2, despite its demonisation by the Marxist Environmentalists. The climate changes, as it has since the dawn of Earth. It is pointless trying to "control" weather. Time to put the last nails in the coffin of "global warming" alarmism. It ain't happening, and hasn't happened for the past 18 years. The brave Australians vote yesterday to repeal the ridiculous and fraudulent "carbon tax." Now it is time for other nations to follow suit. Abolish all "green" taxes and subsidies for useless "renewables" like Wind. The world will be abetter place without them. Time to ignore the Green Eco Fascists, too. Enough of their anti human, anti industrial nonsense and fraud.

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German wind has produced only about one-fifth of its installed capacity. Ironically, since shutting down some of their older nuclear plants in response to the nuclear accident in Japan, they now have to import nuclear power from France and the Czech Republic.

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