Germany pulls virus 'emergency brake' but not all on board


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Wow. Imagine that... Germany going authoritatian. Again.

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Hervé L'Eisa

Wow. Imagine that... Germany going authoritatian. Again.

Exactly. The article is quite understating. This infamous new law can be used as a broad cover to elimitate basic freedoms in the population for any reason the government can come up with.

Unsurprisingly, the leftist and green parties (most likely forming the next government after September) are all in favour, while the supposedly "far right" AfD (as labelled by the media) is against it.

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Oh c'mon Herve (sorry for missing the "accent"!),

what has to be has to be done.

At least they are not half as hesitant as our Japanese "superiors" are!

Yes Klaus! More power to the government! We must learn to love Big Brother.

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Amazing that some govts are still allowed to govern......

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What happened?

I thought they were so perfect with all their lockdowns over the last year.

And so amazing with the vaccine Roll Out Programm.

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Greetings from Germany: Intensive care units 95% full, specialised IC unit personnel terribly overworked, virus variant B.1.1.7 having a party while ignorant folk having parties as well - what would be the sensible thing to do? Anti-vac folks are still spreading their lies while at the same time vaccinations are rolling on in slow motion.

Haven't left my home town for 6 months straight, not using public transport unless absolutely necessary to get to my specialist docs, don't you think I'm tired of moderate lockdowns as well?

Shut it all down, 2 weeks total lockdown with exceptions for food/meds supply should suffice. But noooo, we'd have the whole lot right wingers wailing about how Germany is becoming authoritarian, totalitarian and whatnot. Can't do that, because free speech, innit? And because of those a*seholes who have been able to spread their mind poison since the plague started we're in this sorry state now.

I'm willing to sit another six months in my little town because the right to live outweighs the right to do as you please and endanger everyone else.

Btw...  "the supposedly "far right" AfD (as labelled by the media)" - I'm not the media and I label them "extreme far right" and a good deal of them "Nazis". I listened to their speeches - they use democracy and free speech to destroy it.

I don't think anyone who is not experiencing what is going on here in Germany now is fit to slag it.

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