Germany readies for election that will end Merkel era


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This is not just an important election in German politics. It is a pivotal time for NATO's strategic future. There is currently - and for the forseeable future - an acute need for strong and bold leadership in European affairs. There is also much to do on the stage of International Relations, particularly in setting a map for trade dealings with Russia and China, and for balancing their centers of global power and dominance. Germany must play a decisive role, if any of us are to realize global economic recovery and growth.

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the next government "will be the last that can still actively influence the climate crisis".

Oh good. So it will not be an election issue after this time. I lol forward to that, but what will the Greens campaign on instead?

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Climate change is a major issue In Germany and all politicians are well aware of that. The young people are expecting more.

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Sic transit gloria Europa...

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From THIS article:

The Greens' candidate for chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, 40, has warned that the next government "will be the last that can still actively influence the climate crisis".

Naw. The last train to Sanity left the station a while ago...

"Arctic Oil, Gas Production Is Booming Despite Climate Fears"

"Gazprom PJSC, ConocoPhillips and TotalEnergies SE are among energy firms expanding their fossil-fuel expansion in the region, with production of oil and gas set to climb 20% over the next five years, according to a report by Reclaim Finance. The banking sector is complicit, having provided more than $314 billion for such companies from 2016 to 2020, the climate watchdog said."

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