Germany reviewing nearly 550 migrants deemed a security risk


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550 people posing security threat. Too many. Even all of them don't do anything, one or two guys among them do terrorist acts, damage will be too big.Stay safe Europeans.

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They could always put them in a secure detention facility.....??

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They could always put them in a secure detention facility.....??

Even if they haven't done anything wrong? Sounds like the sequel to Guantanamo to me.

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550 dangerous persons,only ? I wish you guys good luck, the people of Europe.

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So what? The Amri case showed that "investigations" don't do much in Germany. Its Constitutional Court has a long history of blocking the government's deportation orders of foreigners with terrorism and criminal links.

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Grant them entry and THEN check them out - smart move, I foresee no problems there.

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What a system- Let these people in and THEN sort them out ? Sayonara, E.U. !

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Merkel should have NEVER gotten involved and bogged down with these refugees. Let the Arab countries take in as many refugees as possible. It's their people and their responsibility. Germany has way too many and a very large portion of them don't even want to assimilate.

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