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Germany says Tunisian's fingerprints found in Christmas market crash truck


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Why bother even searching for the suspect if you're going to keep letting anyone into the country. You might as well just get used to the carnage until people finally say enough is enough and demand an end to suicidal immigration policies.

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@crazy joe. I agree. What is also scary is when you get young men following a religion as if it's a football team: an extreme form of hooliganism with their god on their side. In Australia they've just arrested a group of men in their early 20s over an alleged Christmas plot.

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Oh! Mama Merkel. What went wrong with German security? It must be German Police can not catch up with Mama Merkel's open door toward Refugees policy. Look after refugee was good but taking enemy was not so good.

Japanese Government aware of Germany and EU problems. You never know which person was a terrorist until he committed terrorist act.

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"....until people finally say enough is enough...."

Well, a significant number, more and more now, are doing that. The problem is the establishment has other views. Free flowing migrants from hellhole socieities are great for the corporate elites, to whom cheap, unorganized labor means skyrocketing profits and dividends by undercutting local labor. And for the left, it's an issue of "human rights" and a way for them to follow thru with their resentment of Western values.

Caught in the middle, between these extremes, are regular working folks, who have long been ignored by pollsters and denied a say in an issue that touches on everyone's lives. It requires an extraordinary event, like Brexit, for them to make their voices heard.

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CrazyJoeDEC. 23, 2016 - 07:45AM JST Why bother even searching for the suspect if you're going to keep letting anyone into the country.

Because whether or not a government allows someone into a country has no bearing on whether or not they have committed a crime. A crime can only be from a criminal action, it's doesn't automatically attach to identities just because you're personally uncomfortable with them.

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Seems Italian police has just killed Anis Amri in a shootout

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