Germany warns of anti-migrant backlash after week of bloodshed


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Yeah; that's DEFINITE possibility..

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Why? We no longer have borders or distict cultures. Why would anti migrant backlash even be a topic?

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Germany warns of anti-migrant backlash after week of bloodshed

Plenty of nativism online.

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No, the cannibals are the terrorists. They won't stop with love.

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The unfortunate Germans are in a bind, and my heart goes out to them. Four incidents in a week.

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Three people were also injured in the attack, which ended when the 21-year-old assailant was deliberately struck by a BMW driver trying to stop the man.

The driver deserves a medal!

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Mercel & EU leaders are still in denial. UK citizens are at least clearer. Politicians should come clean; the world needs increasing globalization of good & services to spur more economic growth and lift the poor out of poverty. But it must be a lot more stringent in immigration especially those whose beliefs resort to violence. Stronger laws and punishments plus vetting are needed on these people. Period. Basic security of citizens should not be compromised. We cannot let those who are inclined to more evil and violence keep harming the innocents.

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I just hope Germans don't sink to the level of the savagery which we've seen. They're civilised people and so there is hope.

Damn the people who put German citizens in this situation.

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Kinda late to the party its already there.

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Germany warns of anti-migrant backlash after week of bloodshed

Too bad Merkel wasn't warned about the possibility that some of the million barely screened migrants from the Middle East could commit acts of terror against her own people. Oh wait she was. It's a terrible shame because a dozen or two German citizens would be alive today if she had used an ounce of common sense. Her first responsibility is to protect her citizens not the rigid left wing ideology she has tied her nation to.

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"the world needs increasing globalization of good & services to spur more economic growth"

Hilarious. Shortly after globalization started to accelerate from the 90s, growth in developed countries has slowed down and median incomes for workers have stagnated, if not shrunk.

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mr-KGB, I'm with you on almost everything you said except the part about the world needing increasing globalization. you have been seriously mislead on that point.

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(Merkel's) first responsibility is to protect her citizens not the rigid left wing ideology she has tied her nation to.

I wonder what ideology the centre-right Christian Democratic Union could be following?

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Good Bye Europe!

Whoever thinks this will end well and not effect Japan needs to buy a bridge from me!

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So let me get this straight. Asylum seekers get benefits, a roof over their head and are not even fingerprinted (yepp, this was in the German news). But EU citizens need biometric passports or ID cards to go around the world. Hungary got a lot of bad press when they could not cope, all the while trying to uphold the law that required fingerprinting, registration and the like. When the Slovens opened the borders to the migrants they again tried their best at registration but all migrants seem to have claimed to be born on two dates: 1 January or 31 July. No joke. Austria and Germany threw their hands up in the air and in the name of human rights provided all benefits to assist the migrants to stay in their countries, all the while not having a clear idea where they may have come from. Example: the Pashtun who committed the atrocities just last week may be an Afghan or a Pakistani citizen. Nobody knows. Killing Germans for "opposing Islam" is a crazy idea: dude, you are in a nominally Christian country where only migrants pray in mosks. And yes, there are thousands who are real refugees, law-abiding and eager to find a new home in Europe. Sadly, they are likely to be the victims of backlash in the coming months and years.

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JeffLee, sorry not true for most countries with big population, for example in 1990 China GDP was about US$380bln, now about US$9,527bln (2015). Its per capita income has risen from US$314 to US$7,900 (2015). This has lifted more than 500 million above poverty and 25 times income growth that is made much possible in joining the global trading system, where there is increasing exchange of goods and services besides other factors like technology, etc.

This same story is repeated in Indonesia, Russia, South America, Russia, etc in past 25 years. Where 100s of million real poor people achieved higher standard of living.

While during the same period 1990, the USA GDP increased from US$6,000bln to US$17,900bln in 2015. The problem in developed countries are not that increased globalization of trade and services are bad, but the concentration of wealth to the parasitic "Banksters" and the elite class. Its mainly a distribution issue; that's where the failure of the government is.

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I just hope Germans don't sink to the level of the savagery which we've seen. They're civilised people and so there is hope.

What savagery is that? I'm rather curious as to what you are referring to here.

Frankly, I won't be visiting Europe anytime soon. Why? I'm a white female and have read more than enough about what women are dealing with due to groups of people who feel women are less than men. Allow the those in need in, send those with views that don't match western ideals back to their homeland.

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Article: Stephan Mayer, a deputy from Merkel’s conservative bloc, insisted that it was “completely wrong” to blame the government’s refugee policy for the recent rash of attacks.

I would not say “blame” but the Merkel’s government should take responsibility for involving Germany and Europe into a situation which nobody was prepared to cope with. I am sure we all want to be kind to people in need but humanity is only as good a tenet as you can assure safe and peaceful (co-)existence for all involved regardless of cultural (and in Europe’s case religious) background. Which neither Germany nor any other country in Europe has been able to do for the past couple of years or so.

Merkel’s push for an “open door” immigration (refugee) policy opened a Pandora ’s Box which most likely will take years if not decades to close.

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"Most of the terrorists who carried out attacks in recent months in Europe were not refugees,” she told reporters.

“The terrorism threat (among refugees) is not larger or smaller than in the population at large.”

I think she is missing the point. Why accept more refugees when the first or 2nd generation migrants still do not feel fully accepted by German, French, Belgian etc society? Euro leaders have to fix their societies before trying to help more people.

Biting off more than they can chew and people who are paying the price are THEIR citizens.

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a shooting spree, a machete attack, and a suicide bombing... yeah. I would definitely agree that THERE WILL BE A LOT OF ANTI-MIGRANT sentiment now. lol.

I mean i think almost everyone predicted this would happen when you allow millions of refugees into the EU without any kind of strong enforcement of inspection and accountability for the refugees.

This is what happens when you rush forward and act using your emotions rather than logic. And I do blame the leftist media for publishing all those news articles of refugees drowning over illegal smuggling.

We see these articles and makes you act humanely without taking a step back and asking " wait. All these people who come here are all from poor, poorly-educated, but deeply religious societies.

*sigh well it's Europe's problem now. Not like anyone can just give them the magic hand and sort this all out on its own.

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tmarie, I think the level of savagery Jimizo was referring to is the violence perpetrated on the German public by the immigrants etc in the past week or so, ie, axe attacks, machete murder, bombing, etc.

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All those who saw this coming and said so a while back were dismissed as swivel eyed lunatics. and now?

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"The problem in developed countries are not that increased globalization of trade and services are bad, but the concentration of wealth to the parasitic "Banksters" and the elite class."

And globalization is behind that wealth concentration. The banksters and other elites are why globalization exists in the first place. It was their lobbying that created it.

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WilliB, fully agree. And you forgot almost complete criminal impunity of immigrants, the police often refuse to take complaints from ordinary Germans against criminal acts of immigrants. Only in case of serious crimes Polizei do something.

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When a German government needs to launch a sex manual for registered immigrants, there is a need to question attitudes have changed towards refugees arriving in towns and cities and the implications to integration that must be challenged.

Legislative framework being presented to the Bundestag to question Angela Merkel's governments open boards policy, and ultimately to embrace a more broader community political framework . Encompasses a comprehensive change to immigration law, an outright admittance of failure that integration can and must be presented as means to fully review and ultimately reform citizenship rights.

Angela Merkel government is in a perpetual state of denial, over 260, 000 people have reaching Europe by sea since the start of 2016, only a small proportion of these have been registered in accordance with current legal requirements.

Germany's system for accounting and distributing migrants is exasperating the genuine asylum claims.

Frontex (EU), the only measure of monitoring migrant numbers arriving at, and crossing borders claims upwards of 1,900,000 to Germany irrespective of the Italian Governments prostrations.

Ok lets be ecumenically brutal, over 60 German companies warned in 2011 of a shortage of skilled workers, immigrants account for some 19% of the nation’s total population. Germany’s Federal service for migration and refugees relentlessly lobbied for skilled migrants. What arrived are between 14 and 24, none had any working experience, and a overwhelming percentage across an economically devastated war ravaged Middle East and Africa .And I have not even broached the religious and cultural implications.

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@SenseNotSoCommon France, too, has suffered another abomination this morning. Europeans of all faiths and none must unite to fight hatred and intolerance from whatever quarter. The alternative doesn't bear contemplating.

Oh, please. The sanctimoniousness is wearing very thin at this stage. Its way past time to get real.

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Its way past time to get real

And what?

Daesh wants this to escalate, and some posters here think Christmas has come early.

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Merkel and her cohorts need to be arrested and charged with treason. Allowing so many migrants is a recipe for trouble, and boy trouble is what the Germans have now.

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"Daesh wants this to escalate..."

What Daeash really wants is to have its people living and settled comfortably in Europe and the West, where they can continue to carry out their terror against the infidel directly.

Allowing large numbers of Muslims from the Mideast, North Africa, etc. to enter Europe unvetted and unchecked and giving free housing and other benefits is like Christmas come early for the ISIS people who have made it thru.

With the Caliphate shrinking, they will all eventually need somewhere to go.

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Daesh wants this to escalate, and some posters here think Christmas has come early.

It's irrelevant what daesh and their deluded fantasists want. What your enemy wants may be important if your enemy is a rational player on the battlefield. But the wants of daesh are based on their demented religious fantasies of world domination. Give them what they want and they will be wiped out in short order.

The bigger problem, aside from the pathetic daesh, is the unbridled rise of Islamic extremism now infecting Europe. Europe may need draconian laws against extreme behavior and intimidation. There is no easy solution.

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JeffLee, agreed. What Daesh wants is people in the west saying that Daesh wants this to escalate. It is the mantra of the "progressives" as europe descends "tolerantly"into hell.

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Obviously mass killings do no not equal war?

What do all the relatives of the raped and dead in Germany think?

It's not a garden party is it????

Some people should stop drinking the Kool aid!

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