Ghislaine Maxwell put on suicide watch ahead of sentencing


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Where is the client list?? Looks like we will never see it. Epstein was murdered (99% probability) as was Brunel in his French cell. Things are being cleaned up and amazingly right in front of us. The media sticks to the suicide story that smells like a rotten carcass. 10 minutes reading about Epstein's end is better than any book. Guards sleeping, cameras not working and orders not carried out.

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She will be ended and it will be called a suicide …

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Give this evil woman 50 years minimum as punishment for her sick crimes.

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Give her 10-20 years if she gives up the client just.

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Fighto!Today  11:28 am JST

Give this evil woman 50 years minimum as punishment for her sick crimes.

She has already tainted and ruined so many lives, sentence her to 500 years in prison so she can live miserably for the rest of her life before seeing Epstein in hell in the next.

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Rest assured, she will "suicide"

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