Australian PM's speech against sexism sparks divisive reaction


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I'm obviously missing part of the story because I'm not understanding why she's let women down. She called a guy out for his remarks and?

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I say good on her! She should fight against the Australian Taliban night and day!

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2 weeks ago, after her father died, Alan Jones (Strong Tony Abbott supporting Talk Radio shock jock) claimed that her father "died of shame" from her behaviour as Prime Minister.

Yesterday, in Parliament, Tony Abbott said her government was "dying of shame", and there are questions about whether this slimeball deserved a spray????

It was the best politics coverage I've seen in years.

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She didn't defend Peter Slipper or his lurid text messages!

She defended the integrity of the Australian court system.

Watch her speech on youtube 9th of Oct -

She said she was offended by the lurid text messages of Peter Slipper but the court case should conclude before parliament made a final decision. What ever happened to the presumption of innocence - innocent until proven guilty - this is a sex harassessment case is it not?

Whether you have a gut feel on someones guilt, whether the evidence against someone has gone public and is strong - Why are some rushing to support Abbotts political stunt without thinking about what they're truly supporting?

Don't undermine our court system! It's there for a good reason.

I use to think Julia was no good - Yesterday and today, I've seen her demonstrate strong leadership abilities with a thought out strategical approach. Everything she said in her speech was spot on and I congratulate her on standing up to sexist Abbott. Julie Bishop (the token deputy) doesn't know what she's talking about and needs to look around at her party and notice she's a huge minority.

If Gillard stays firm like this till next election - she'll have my vote!

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I'm obviously missing part of the story because I'm not understanding why she's let women down. She called a guy out for his remarks and?

Because she's using the gender card? This speaker guy only got the position because he defected, it's obvious that she's only playing politics.

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This woman is dillusional, she is speaking for the Australin women, I dont need her to speak for me She needs to get her act together or she wil be out the door, and hopefully thats soon, we need someone else to lead this country, she is only there because she back stabbed Kevin Rudd, she was not voted in!

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Juliar "Toxic" Gillard is an arrogant, self serving dictator. Please note that she does NOT represent or speak for all women in Australia. She is an embarrassment to many women in Australia. The sexism rants are used by her WHEN it suits her, and are more akin to the temper tantrums of a child. She is milking the sexism rants for as much as they are worth, the same way she milks everything for maximum political and personal gain, including milking the taxpayer dry. Her labor party is full of fraudsters and union thugs. If you want her in Japan, you can have her, we will even give you the rest of the thugs in her party, from the one who spends taxpayers money on hookers, to Slipper who sends women disgusting text messages. The Toxic Queen herself has been linked to the fraud in the Unions (i.e. the Bruce Wilson affair), but she manages to avoid any investigations by screaming "sexism" or "mysogyny" (it is really wearing thin). She is full of herself and hypocrisy (you only have to see on the one hand she rants at Abbott about mysogyny, but on the other hand, supports slimy Slipper who sends women putrid sexist messages, she has morals lower than the alley cat. Then there's Albanese who thinks taxpayers, especially those who oppose any of labor's policies, are "of no consequence" (until of course they want their money). Many women are absolutely sick of her pathetic behaviour, which reeks of arrogance, and self centredness. And on top of that her government has put Australia into the highest debt on record. Do not EVER assume she speaks for all the women in Australia, and do not be manipulated into thinking she cares about all women. She only cares about herself and her gang of thieves.

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I am an Australian woman and any woman who calls married women prostitutes does not speak for me. Every time Julia perceives that she is not winning she brings out the gender card and her fellow female front benchers do the same. Shame on all of you. We need an election, this very public show of anger is personal insults and people who resort to this behaviour are workplace bullies. It is time for it to stop,

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Julia Gillard protected a man who wrote debasing texts about females. She is using the misogeny and sexism card against a man who is happily married with 3 loving daughters. They used this message to cover the fact that they did not want to fire the speaker from his position as that would have cost them his vote in parliament. The constant attacks and accusations of misogeny and sexism against the oposition leader by the female members of the labor govt are spurious and sexist in and of themselves and seem to show a deep hatred of men rather than a mans hatred of women. The texts written by the above mentioned speaker have been released to the public by the courts and are available for those of you interested enought to see the calibre of "man" ms gillard protected

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I am an Australian woman and Julia Gillard definitely does not speak for me.

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Julia Gillard is delusional if she thinks she speaks for all Australian women, she definitely does not speak for me. I have never been so disgusted as I was with her degrading our Parliament like that to protect a sexist . She was asked today by Laura Jays of Sky News Australia "Do you really believe Tony Abbot is a misogynist as it means he hates all women" Julia Gillard refused to answer the question. This is a woman who has a very questionable past, so much so that when reported on she has had reporters sacked from their jobs,( reference to this <> "Is our Prime Minister a Crook" ) She knifed our elected Prime Minister in the back in the middle of the night to take over his job. She has lied to all Australians for to long.

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Julia Gillard is dishonest, arrogant and a liar. I did not vote for her, nor did any Australians. She manipulated and conned her way in. This is how she operates. Her past is already upon her and the Australian public want answers. She has bedded married men, been a member of a communist group and has been involved in a massive fraud cover-up. We want this fraud exposed and this woman out . Not only is she the worst prime minister EVER, she is an embarrassment to all the Australian women who were proud that women were being involved in politics, but have proven that they are incompetent and vile. Not only Julia Gillard, but also several others in the parliament also...despicable lot!

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I am Australian, a woman and Julia Gillard does NOT speak for me.....this woman is dishonest and despicable....I did NOT vote for her or her inept party. The day this women leaves office or is voted out will be a great day for Australian indeed.

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Do me a favour and watch the speech yourself. If you do you might notice that she did not defend Peter Slipper one single bit. Repeating someone else's comments and slogans is a bit boring (for people who are able to think themselves).

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Nicole. She may not have defended him in her speech but she supported him with her vote. For once the useless so-called independants who hold the country to ranson showed some backbone and confronted Slipper and forced him to resign. Bring on an election now. Australia has had enough!!!!!

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