Glare from London 'fryscraper' blamed for melting cars


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Somewhat hilarious (though I doubt the guy with the Jaguar agrees).

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It will be present for 2 to 3 weeks each fall. Oh, well that's OK then. Given the evolution and acquired knowledge of building design, computer modelling etc, why has this happened? I wonder what the intellectuals who designed this building have to say. More useless corporate morons every which way we turn. Will they get the chop from the investors? Will they heck.

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It's happened elsewhere - they just need to sandblast the glass windows to reduce reflectivity.

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wanderlust, the building is designed to reflect the sunlight and heat away, to save on the AC bills..... I think a better solution would be to use solar power generating glass for windows instead of the concave reflecting crap...

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Sure, and if anyone believe this story, there is an old bridge for sale in London. Send the bid to ....

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If the sun don't shine / you get a tan from standing in the English rain.

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Imagine this building in the hot Tokyo sun?

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A new potential source of energy for cash strapped TEPCO maybe? (which now means us, since the J-govt has decided taxpayers now own it). There is a short video examining the problem here if any folks are interested:

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mataka Given the evolution and acquired knowledge of building design, computer modelling etc, why has this happened?

Good question. Here's another question. The architect, Rafael Vinoly (who is from Uruguay but lives and works in New York City) did this once before - the Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas. Why doesn't he learn from bad experiences?

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Logically thinking, This building's design has found a way to concentrate solar rays into a specific area.... Simply put a shield of solar panels in just the right spot to collect such an enormous amount of power! Take the lemon and learn to make lemonade!

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Any concave reflective surface will focus sunlight. D'oh! Same problem with the LA opera hall, if I recall.

Might be interesting to try a solar collector but the range of motion would have to be huge....

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