Global doomsday hot spots draw believers, revelers


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WE'RE ALIVE!!!! Its the 21st and we're alive!!!

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boy, people are idiots, thinking the world would end because the finite cyclic calender of an ancient people would complete a cycle ( and then restart over) are as dumb as someone who was driving a older car that had an odometer that only had 5 digits - thinking when the car got to 99999km's it would suddenly stop working? nope it would click over to 00000 and start again....I once had a car that did that 4 times!

No wonder P.T Barnum was so successful, he truly was on the money when he said "There's a sucker born every minute"

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So I woke up this morning. /theend

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Well, at least the hype and hysteria have ended.

Some people with egg on their faces, as always with these things.

Hope the day stay continues to stay peaceful.

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Merry End of World all. PS--doesn't start until 11:11 local time.

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Well, i guess no one informed the mayans about time zones lol. i hope no one took out any crazy loans or anything, becuase you know those things stick. At any rate I hope everyone a peaceful new year from here on out.

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Weak minded and gullible, but not much more than religious fundamentalists.

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11:11 is when the planets line up, to the human eye, that is, not to each other.

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it's 11:15 still here.....sheesh what a let down.

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The extra energy out there in space caused by the alignment of the planets caused me having a headache (?). The events in China kept me wondering what would happen if Jesus appeared in this age. Would he get arrested for spreading a revolution?

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Well, I see that this website is still up and the 21 December doomsday prediction didn't result in Japan being destroyed. It's still Thursday here in the US and we still have a few hours to go before Friday gets here. Maybe the doomsday date was based on USMexico time and I'm still doomed!

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sooo... i am getting my hair done for tonight's 忘年会.

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The events in China kept me wondering what would happen if Jesus appeared in this age. Would he get arrested for spreading a revolution?

He'd be arrested in any country on Earth. Especially those that boast most about being "God-fearing" : (

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The Mayan predicted the end of civilization on the 21/12 2012. How come they could not predict the end of their civilization.

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I have just bought a $30,000 4K Sony TV on credit ... that's one credit card I will never have to pay. HA!

I intend to watch the end of the world in style ... hang on, they are broadcasting in it right?

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This just proves you can't fix STUPID!

Oh well, now what's next on the STUPID's list to do?

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TIC...TAK....TIC....TAK..........................11AM ET TO 11,11AM ET......TIC TAK.......

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"He'd be arrested in any country on Earth."

Well I think any bloke walking around claiming to be the son of god would eventually sectioned under the Mental Health Act rather than being arrested.

I wonder if any of these fools feel a bit sheepish about the fact that the world didn't really end today, or if they're already in Denial and readily discussing the next date in the Armageddon calender.

Out of interest, does anybody know when the next date is being given for the world (not) to end? There must be money to be made out of these suckers....

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We only have 12 months in a year, so why aren't people predicting the end of the world on the day after December 31st? After all, there is no 13th month, so that must mean that the world is going to end...

This scenario is pretty much the same thing. All very, very stupid.

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So, you guys all missed the End?! Hopefully, all the evangelicals are gone, so now we have a thousand years....


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