Global powers in disarray over Syria conflict


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Hokayem said: “The prism through which the crisis is seen is the wrong one.

“While many in the West see IS as the greater evil, most Syrians see Assad as the greater evil and they have reason to—he is the main reason for death, destruction and displacement.”

not sure I entirely agree. he has somehow remained in power (of a sort) despite the West claiming he is unpopular with most of his "people"

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NATO, Russia and Syria should unite to eliminate ISIS and Al Qaida from Syria.

End of story.

America's childish obsession with ousting Assad is what is allowing ISIS to thrive.

Syrians obviously support Assad, otherwise he would have been long gone by now.

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Sorry, what do we owe Assad? He's your ally. Save him yourself.

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What to do...What a mess. ISIS does seem to be the greater evil.

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Sorry, what do we owe Assad?

You don't owe him anything.

But since the U.S. Air Force is either unwillingly or unable to hit ISIS and Al Qaida, at least get out of the way so the Russians and Syrians can take them out.

Why is the U.S. so worried about the Russians taking on Al Qaida and ISIS?

Hiding something?

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What a joke to think that Russia could do much against IS. All it is is a cover to reinforce Assad so they can slaughter the remaining if IS is ever destroyed. Russia, Syria and Iran, what a comically evil joke bunch of morons. You'd be hard pressed to believe these governments were natural friends as it seems too cliche..

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Russia, Syria and Iran, what a comically evil joke bunch of morons

And who confront them? Axis of freedom, a bunch of goodies!! - US (invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, hundreds of thousands killed in the process), Saudi Arabia (financing of IS, country of origin of Sep11/2001 plotters, now ongoing invasion of Yemen), UAE, Qatar - the same, except Sep.11. And of course Turkey, with its decades-long persecution of Kurds. And you think that all these is better then Assad? Seriously?

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That's just great. Everyone has something to say about Syria, with the small exception of the Syrian government. If only conflict in Syria wasn't a satellite conflict between the US and Russia in the first place. Syria has become the new "boiling pot", inheriting this title after the Balkans. Whatever happens there will only make things worse.

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Everybody, except the US, agrees that the world should unite to fight ISIS and Al Qaida.

The US wants to keep their little pretend bombing campaign against ISIS a private party so nobody actually does any real damage to ISIS and Al Qaida, both of which are actually CIA proxy armies.

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@dcog9065"what a comically evil joke bunch of morons"

Do not be a victim of Fox News.

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A helluva lot more desirable to be helping Assad than helping ISIS. In fact we should be helping Assad. He knows Syria and, with help, stands the best chance of defeating ISIS and Al Qaeda. The fact that ISIS's local opponents also oppose each other is NOT a weakness of the American strategy. It is a weakness of the peoples in that region. If the U.S. pushed the Kurds and other ISIS opponents aside due to their differences, and fought this fight on its own, all we would accomplish is to create another power vacuum that would rapidly fill with a multi-lateral civil war as soon as we left. Ultimately, these people have to decide for themselves what is important to them. Do they want ethnic, national and sectarian peace, or do they want to go on killing each other over ancient hatreds? There is little the U.S. can do to affect that decision, and we certainly should not let our own be killed over it.

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“Adding more British, French, Australian planes will destroy more IS targets but is NOT going to deal with the fundamental problems of why IS is expanding.”

We will treat the symptom but not the cause, wow what a strategy.

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Gee. Maybe, just maybe US might could come in handy here...


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The media continues to pull the heart strings and focus their cameras on women and little children, but if you see the camera pan out, what you see is masses of young, healthy men with beards. And if you got to non-mainstream sites, you see videos of them waving fists and shouting "Alluh Akbar", the islamic battle cry.

Anybody who refuses to see this as something else than a "hijra" (islamic invasion) is in dreamland. Alas, this includes the mainstream media and politicians.

You can bet that you won´t find and Syrian Yazidi or Christian among the crowds streaming into Germany. They have would have had a very short half-life indeed.

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Ah, WilliB sees the full picture too. This is why they're not welcome in the US.

Some of these young healthy refugees even started snapping their fingers @ the Hungarian authorites for not providing this or that. . . . complaining about only sending a couple busses for transportation.

Feed the women & children. The young men with beards shouting, "Allu akbar" can eat jellybeans!

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" This is why they're not welcome in the US. "

Here is a very safe bet for you: Within a very short time, Obama will announce some kind of executive decree that hundreds of thousands of Syrian sunni muslim "refugees" will be invited to the US too. Count on that.

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Dude. That idiot & Kerry announced the US would take in 10,000 refugees. Let's hope congress can stop it or reduce that figure.

They already screwed up the Iran Nuclear Deal. Putin & the mullahs are beginning to commit to Assad in Syria while slapping the administration in the face. Now obama wants to try to set a good example to the global community by allowing in these islamic refugees?

This is unprecedented I say. This guy just doesn't stop.

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Assad is the only thing that stands in the way of a total Syrian takeover by ISIS. Everybody with a sane mind should slupport him.

That the Iranian mullahs are supporting Assad is a simply a power game. It is not that they are against a Sharia takeover of the entire world (they want that too), but they want the flavor to be Shiite not Sunni, and ISIS is a 100% Sunni outfit.

By the way, another safe bet is that among the millions of young Sunni men now flooding into Europe, a fair amount are ISIS sympathiszers. With these numbers, there is no way Western intelligence agencies can even do a perfunctory check on that.

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millions of young Sunni men now flooding into Europe, a fair amount are ISIS sympathiszers.

Exactly. And the ones who manage to reach the US will be ungrateful. Carrying theirs scarred memories & sympathizing with IS, they're bound to do more harm than good in America.

Too bad the incumbent administration doesn't see this. No, instead they just see what they want to see.

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