Global survey: Workplace violence, harassment is widespread


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Not to forget that being forced into any kind of dependent labor at low wages, be it for economic or other reasons, is already the top harassment in itself.

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The first attempt to survey the extent of violence and harassment at work around the globe has found that workplace abuse is widespread, and particularly pronounced among young people, migrants, and wage earners, especially women.

The key term is "wage earners". In Japan and other nations rentier capital is exerting a feudalistic influence on the workspace and labor is becoming decreasingly rewarded and precarious.

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I'd love to see where Japan comes on the list. One of the top spots (of shame) for sure.

Japan would be in the top 5

I am not so sure.

I understand that I only represent 1 data point, but it's a data point that has been here for 27 of the last 32 years.

The things I saw happen when I was young that made me pretty uncomfortable to witness as a young worker (that women just tolerated as normal) would absolutely be firing offenses now.

This has not all been at one organization. But the organization I am currently with is very pro-active, and harrassment or discrimination in any aspect is a very no-go thing and not just for HR - I cannot imagine my male co-workers giving another guy a pass or my female co-workers putting up with it.

It goes without saying that violence of any level would result in a very sudden and one-way trip out the door.

So while it might not be as enlightened as some European or American countries, I believe that Japan (in general) has made real strides on work place behavior. Although I realize that there are differences based on industry, location or size of the firm.

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I have been subjected to Ageism harassment here in Japan, when I raised the matter, I was ... let go. In reality, there's a lot of talk, but no show behind this issue.

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Predators exist among us, no need to look too far, the key is to ID. then avoid and report them when ever possible.

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