Good COP, bad COP: U.N. climate meet praised and panned

By Marlowe HOOD

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Fitting that arch climate hypocrite Kerry is the pic that accompanies this article.

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A dizzying blitz of pledges to curb methane emissions

The most impressive emission at this ridiculous event came from Joe Biden, in front of the Dutches of Cornwall no less.

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The people praising, or excited about, the various pledges also usually have a vested interest in not offending the governments that made those pledges.

On the other hand, the people calling those pledges unrealistic, inadequate, and not worth the paper they are written on are those who remember the decades of pledges that never made it off the paper they were written on, know that the '1.5' supposed target has more to do with politics than what the science is indicating (which is that 1.5 will result in the catastrophe that 2.0 is predicted to be, and the 2.0 that even if the pledges are turned into reality on the timelines within them is going to be blown by will be twice as bad as the catastrophe that 2.0 is predicted to be)

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Money and greed tops the planets viability for the future.

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Well..... West won. Did you not?

Police of the world.

Telling the world be more like us.

For all citizens of the Earth to live like an American you would need 4x to 5x planets just like Earth.

Nuclear weapon free world?

Could live in it if USA decided to ban them after 1945 same way chemical weapons was banned after WW1.

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Trump saw the hypocrisy and disavowed the stupid and meaningless “climate accords” calling them out for the virtue signaling nonsense that they are. And look how he was vilified for doing that. Now, slowly, the world is catching on.

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Fitting that arch climate hypocrite Kerry is the pic that accompanies this article.

Given that Al Gore has of late disappeared with his hundreds of millions in global warming profits, John Kerry does make for an appropriate heir to the hot air throne. There is hardly a more worthy hypocrite. He doesn’t even go through the motions of pretending that he will make a sacrifice- he simply flies around the globe in his private jet paid for by his wife’s inherited wealth and intones dramatically about the horrible things other people are doing that will soon destroy life on Earth as we know it. Then he flies back to one of his many estates, say the one at the beach, and laments the ignorance of those little people who cannot be forced to know what’s good for them.

This global confab will not achieve its stated goals because they all know it isn’t possible to get rid of CO2 emissions in the eight years left until it’s too late. Kerry certainly hasn’t kicked the habit. Kerry and his ilk just want control over the masses. It is an impossibility for an average person to generate a carbon footprint in their entire lifetime of the size that Kerry spews in a single year. Until the Warmist’s come up with new leadership that actually practice what they preach it’s going to be difficult to convince anymore drones to join the cult.

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Zichi, most people do not know CO2 is produce by the oxidation of carbon and a oxygen molecule atom, I assume you know this I hope

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The thing is that because these 'leaders' see no real cost to them in not actually doing anything (they know that human nature is to blame whoever is in charge when it hits the fan, and almost ignore that they're not the one's who could have turned off the fan in time for it to stop turning, see the "Biden lost Afghanistan" memes) and a real cost in both not promising they will do something and actually doing it, we will get the blah blah blah and the catastrophe.

Unless, that is, someone 'fanatical' decides to impose a real cost through 'direct action'. Though, of course, if they do, there'll be a period of 'not giving into terrorism before there's the beginning of a 'which costs more' period. Now, if we had the last 20 years back, there might be time to get past the 'not giving in' and into the 'which costs more' in time for something to be done and the effects of it to delay the hitting the fan moment, but we don't. Instead, it is going to take something big hitting the fan (something bigger than New Orleans or the surge in climate refugees obviously, like all the resorts in the Maldives having to be abandoned, or the whole nation fleeing) before real action starts to be taken. And, seeing as the lag time between those actions being taken and the effects of the actions being noticeable is measured in decades, it is going to get seriously nasty everywhere, and that's before you account for the politics of fear and hate being used to 'justify' mass killings and other methods of making others pay more of the costs, and the politics of denialism and blame deflection causing deliberate sabotage of the efforts to fix the problem and the mass killings and other methods of making others pay more.

When the low lying areas of Tokyo (including the Narita airport) become frequently flooded, the rice fields become frequently dried out, the ice cap on Fuji a seasonal thing, what do you Japanese politics will be? Especially given that those who want to do something actually productive will have no results other than things getting worse to show the public every election, while the people wanting to do something destructive will be able to show the destruction they've caused right after causing it.

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Tokyo could be under water, it has an inlet and it near the ocean, if the sea rises, Google Tokyo Under Water

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Everytime you drink a beer and Slurpee, you consume CO2 lots of people are ignorant, even if their intention are good, the oxidation of hydrocarbons ,interact with oxygen molecules to form CO2

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Everytime you drink a beer and Slurpee, you consume CO2 lots of people are ignorant, even if their intention are good, the oxidation of hydrocarbons ,interact with oxygen molecules to form CO2

If you're trying to suggest that by drinking beer I can fix climate change, I'm listening.

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