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Google, Yahoo criticize Australian Internet filter


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This has become so embarrassing for Australia

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Google said ..... its own filter to block child pornography.....

But your filter is not working fine. Unable to detect blogs on Google (Blogger)and Yahoo, those are giving a free referral links to dirty websites. Please block these blogs.

Australian Internet filter is a good solution.

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had Stephen Conroy been educated in china? if he wasn't then he act like one!

covering your eyes doesn't make the problem go away.

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Will google pull out of Australia too?

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Okay global ISP's...time to fight back...censor all domains ending in .au, and .cn, and then watch what happens to their business bottom lines...

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sharky1 at 12:45 AM JST - 25th March

Agree with you 100%. If “they” filter out the world surely the world has the right to filter them out. No same person agrees with child pornography but using it as a means of blocking many other sires that are objected to is the thin end of the wedge. Fine go for what is genuinely wrong, not total control.

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Net Nanny for all!!

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...censor all domains ending in .au, and .cn, and then watch what happens to their business bottom lines...

In present global recession this could be the best...back to TELEX, TELEPHONE (FAX) that will create more jobs without affecting Global Business (!)

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