Gorbachev criticizes Putin's party


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With al these zombie banks, the AIG black hole, and GM on the brink of collapse there is some similarities between today's America with yesterdays Soviet Union.

Reagan wanted to bankrupt the Soviets in an arms race and apparently succeeded. Bin laden wanted to bankrupt America by goading it into extremes and is apparently succeeding.

If the current political situation in Russia is an indicator of what awaits, then let's hope Obama does succeed.

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Last great words from the man known Gorbachev. Can we say he may soon have a KGB heart attack.

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Obama should hire Gorby as a consultant. It would help him avoid looking like a boob in the future.

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Regrettably, he'll probably die soon from a "heart attack".

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Wow. What are GSEs? Government Sponsored Enterprises. Examples: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Need I write more?

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