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Greek lawmakers back bailout as violent clashes erupt in Athens


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Leftists talk tough but in the end they're just pathetic parasites who need a healthy host body to leech off.

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Labourers and pensioners in the EU, by not going to the streets to show their anger towards the elite running their countries on behalf of the financial industry have forsaken their Greek brethren and sistren. Their day will come and then who will stand up for them?

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The EU really did shaft Greece on this. And it will still not solve the problem. Euro still a dream that has turned into a nightmare (and will eventually be one on Elm Street).

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Then why the referendum? Did the Greek government have any disposable cash to use to organize it? What did the referendum prove? Despite the overwhelming “No” the government is still going for the (austerity) measures. Plain and simple populism and (yet again) wasteful spending of public funds borrowed (yet again) from the EU tax payers.

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The Greeks didn't get shafted. They should be grateful the EU is even considering giving their country another bailout loan. No good deed goes unpunished.

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Tsipras is just another politician wannabee at any cost. Traitor of his own party and of all of those that said no in referendum. He has no moral right to sty on and enforce the bad and nondemocratic deal.

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Tsipras used "the stupidity of Greek voters" as he campaigned against the austerity just to agree with the E.U term in order for Greece not to fall off the cliff. Politician con man and failure of socialism are in full display. Any society that creates an entitlement and welfare class rather than working class has been shown failure, regardless any "ism".

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It's ironic that Greece signed on to a worse deal than what it had walked away from. This stunt is a disaster for Tsipras.

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Politician con man and failure of socialism are in full display. Any society that creates an entitlement and welfare class rather than working class has been shown failure, regardless any "ism".

Greece did not elect a "socialist" government until 5 months ago. Before that, and from the time they joined the Euro, they elected either right-wing parties or the socialist-in-name-only party, who all did what they were told to do by the very serious people who know that socialism doesn't work. This is what they got and why they voted "socialist". But as always, don't let facts and the real world mess with your fantasies.

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It's never the left's fault. And when it is, it's "the wrong kind of socialism". That is why socialism is the philosophy of failure and the creed of ignorance to everyone else.

And This is what happens when you run out of other people's money to spend. No wonder future loans are being tied to Greek state assets.

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This Greek government?...Greek governments have been huffing and puffing , oohing and aahing, socialism in it guise of marxist theory as a means advocating collective ownership is a fool's paradise. Austerity diktats that Greece remain a state of the European Union, contrary, at least euphemistically to democratic rights, a harbinger for tomorrows days of future past, for Greece, 2010 knocked into a cocked hat theory. Thank heavens for small mercy's in the guise of a typhoon. I can hold over until Monday....

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Enough is enough. Okay, then let Greece go.

Sometime a cure from bad cancer starts with radical surgery instead of giving chemo that kills both good and bad cells.

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