Green groups decry COP26 'shambles' as observers locked out

By Patrick GALEY

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A high percentage of these green groups, activists, are middle class achievers.

However when halving their wealth, through the necessary tax liability , its run for cover and close the hatch.

The poor will always pay.

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The US needs the forum to be free from such groups in order to be able to pass off its self proclaimed leadership as something other than a Trump worthy lie.

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Now it’s “global heating”.

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Most all of these activists are young, white, and Leftist. Not very diverse. No wonder the wealthy politicians and corporations have locked them out.

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Wolf is right. There is NO WAY the global elitists and UN grifting class would want to share their conference with a bunch of stinky hippies and impudent children.

As for the 'activists', nothing says take action on global warming like flying 10,000 km and adding tons of CO2 to the atmosphere just to observe a group of blowhard panjandrums patting each other on the back.

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The world will either make the necessary changes or Nature will do it for us. Nature's way will not be so nice.

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These so called green groups, activists, don't draw government in, they alienate the very audience they need to pull/entice on board.

They who ever they are seem comatose to there cause.

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The problem is that they not only observe, but surely have a palette of more intentions to disturb there.

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There is not a hope of making zero carbon in a century, it is not possible,

The know-how, or technology doesn't exist or the economic or creative know-how is a myth. a pretense.

At least have the honesty to accept the fact.

Instead of having the silly cop-outs

The energy solution is the key.

However it could require huge change. Both politically and economically.

Beyond anything you can imagine

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Globally there would have to be huge unprecedent changes.

Coal would have to be phased out in 4-7 years. Air travel would be a luxury.

Diet would have to be enforced.

Tax would have to rise on every level.

This would cause inequality on a level unseen.

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Ok let me give you an example.....

2050 Zero Carbon Cities in Japan.....

It is not remotely achievable.

It is pipe dream politics.

The costs of the pandemic have rendered this silly science, a bonkers daydream

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Preventing civil society from watching governments and holding them accountable could have real climate consequences

And does civil society get to monitor these greenie groups?

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