Greenpeace breaches French nuclear plant security


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Heaven help the bastard if he puts in an 8-hour day's worth of work.

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so if he had been a terrorist, what then?

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Arrest them all. Charge them with terrorist activities, then string them up. It's tresapassing on a dangerous level.

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I'm generally not a fan of Greenpeace's tactics, but you have to hand it to them - this certainly exposes the lack of security. And it didn't hurt anything.

On the other hand... they are all extremely lucky they aren't dead right now. They could just as easily have been shot the moment they were detected, and the plant operators would have been 100% in the right. What would the Greenpeace spokesperson say then? "We thought we would expose a suspected security weakness at the plant. Apparently there was none."

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Greenpeace is so cool! They are making fun of these idiots who actually think that nuclear power is safe! Now, if they had been nutty Muslim, etc..terrorists?? What would the French government be saying now??

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The French government should now go and sink another one of their ships.

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Agreed. They are not 'cool' and must abide by the law.

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It's like some people in the environmental movement want to alienate France's immigrants. I don't understand. Are the times changing?

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If they did this in the US they'd be - quite rightly - shot on sight. What's to stop terrorists from disguising themselves as Greenpeace members?

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Hmmm... this one caught my eye.

Not sure if this is the best way to say it, but their message needs hearing. France has a tendency to over-confidence. Hope the French authorities will take this chance to not only improve perimeter security, but much more importantly to put plant operating safety first.

Next time something goes wrong (many incidents so far) and if it is a more serious leakage issue, the rest of NE Europe will probably have to suffer the consequences.

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“We saw immediately that they were not armed ... As soon as these people entered they were detected and followed, and when you are dealing with people with peaceful intentions, you must intervene calmly,”

My arse! So this guy is saying the companies and French government welcomed the embarrassment with open arms? I doubt they did very much. Decent attempt to save face, though.

Anyway, the government can call it 'irresponsible' all they want -- I say the lapse is security is irresponsible, and since nothing harmful (embarrassment aside) came from it I'd say what Greenpeace did is possibly commendable. You can bet the company will be less lax in the near future (probably become complacent again later), which means they achieved at least one goal, with the main goal -- the message about the lax security -- being achieved as well.

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Wow, Typical inability to defend themselves and the French come out bleating like victims. The French are the murderers in this deadly game and good on Greenpeace members for trying to expose the inane oxymoronic thinking of "nuclear security". There is no security as shown by 3:11 and Chenobyll. All the posters wishing for arrests and shootings must be head in the sand types believing whatever spew their masters i.e. governments tell them. Keep them honest GP. Bravo!

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I suppose we should be grateful to these people. Afterall now something may be done to increase security at these plants, better Greenpeace activists than terrorists at least the outcome is egg on the face rather than a big bang.

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I hope France does not pull a Fukushima!!

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