Greta Thunberg charged with disobeying law enforcement during climate protest in Sweden


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Throw her in jail. Over publicized entitled......

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Here we go again with this kid.

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Here we go again with this kid.

Thunberg is an adult and 20 years.

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GT's biggest hurdle is the EU, dominated by fossil (in reality), but outwardly (deceptively) climate friendly.

She promotes orderly transition to renewables, which is opposed by climate elites (bankers, investors) holding $800 billions worth of carbon credits certificates. These elites dominates the UN, and other institutions, and excercised their power to expel GT from the kast two climate conferences COP25, COP26 where all they wanted to talk about was how to make, trade, entrench fossil, as long as you pay for certificates.

Also unfortunate for GT, the EU'S most influential nation, Germany, and its Greens party is ideologically against nukes. So she's opposed by carbon credits crowd, AND the Greens, that's both side of politics essentially.

Look at how much money can be made off of just Germany's use of fossil.

GT has the solution, but it doesn't help elites make money.

BTW, I own a number of fossil stocks, and I don't see a clear path to sustainability other than orderly transition.

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Thunberg is an adult and 20 years.

Doesn’t act like one. Definitely not even close.

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Greta Thunberg has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism.

There is nothing to be gained by charging Greta Thunberg with disobeying law enforcement.

Just gently move Greta along.

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Greta climate activism has provided Greta a purpose in life, totally harmless, is sometime irritating but hardly warranting a criminal record or a fine.

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This GT fan had her portrait painted on his car:[0]=AZXTW5eKRLk_-QuUS5Ao6UlizNbZ5nTWdc4xeuw5qmLZ8Uwl4lhqMMpmoTvCDL2oDOgZKgUtnlZRDEdvFF1N-QUomrNlT7tcjFVZFcV4pEfnytjiaXMUCzFjoXNseveuBnk1u4k8YzWfoEJdTzZynv2zyHg0CU6i6P3I8dkOWCgUgz-BOhO3WVlsqeetbqdyEKLAXdpLsDAZpDqwz1VWeZaF&tn=EH-R

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Regardless of what you think of her message, she’s a very good activist.

Heroic to some and triggers others no end. Turns some adults into catty, sulking children.


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   Thunberg is an adult and 20 years.

> Doesn’t act like one. Definitely not even close.

So threatened by this young woman. I understand.

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An extraordinary young woman. Overcoming serious health issues.

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