Groups call on Pelosi, Democrats to do more to impeach Trump


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Do it.

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Please impeach him and get him out of office.

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Trump’s tweets are going to fun.

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US guys at the office say that Pelosi does not want to impeach Trump because if he serves to the end of his term, the results will be such a disaster that no Republican will ever be elected president again. If only the USA is not destroyed during that time.

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If only the USA is not destroyed during that time.

So they impeach to avoid this. I wouldn't mind a responsible republican in office, Trump is not a responsible or capable anything.

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Nah. The Senate will not convict. Expose his corruption and hypocrisy and let the voters decide - they'll get what they deserve.

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As not only Democrats, but more and more Republicans push to impeach Trump, it needs to be done. If Pelosi won't do it then she can go first. It would be a shame, since she's so good at getting under Trump's skin.

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I say go for it. Impeachment will virtually guarantee Trump's re-election. Speaker Pelosi is right to hesitate, she has good political instincts after so long in Washington.

Yep, nothing will endear the Democrats to the American public like a scandal that has no chance to actually change anything. The fact is that President Trump cannot be forced from office. Even if he could be, the country would be left with.......... President Pence! Is that what Democrats really want? They need to think this through more, and stop acting so emotionally.

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So you all want Pence as President? In what way would that be better?

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So you all want Pence as President? In what way would that be better?

Good Lord! He'd be worse than Trump and no fun at all. Trump chose him for his zero chance of a coup.

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The last three years have exposed the interent flaws in the US Constitution as never before. Checks and balances? Ha! If Americans had any smarts they'd change to a parliamentary democracy where the government can be removed from power with a simple majority vote. Not one president has been removed by impeachment in the country's entire history. Expect the gridlock to continue. Americans should get rid of the 50 states and streamline administrative districts into 7 or 8 regions, like Canada. Time to get practical!

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Waste of time as the republicans would never vote to convict. Even if trump was caught red handed committing the crime. The republicans would use impeachment as a tool to elect republicans and reelect trump.

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No need to hurry. Trump has plenty more skeletons in his closet that will tumble out into the light of day before 2020 as well as enough rope to do the job himself. The Dems should just keep diving into the swamp, looking under rocks, burrowing down deep and patiently build an iron-clad case for impeachment until even the shameless Senate Republicans are compelled to act to repair the damage to the presidency and choose between saving Trump's face or the best interests of the country.

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If Democrats keep looking weak on impeachment, and dragging this out, they hurt their own impeachment case by making something urgent appear not urgent enough to require immediate action. They also risk alienating their base as they're fretting over what impeachment might do to froth up Trump's base.

You're not going to penetrate the Fox News bubble unless you conduct public hearings exposing the President's misdeeds and make a compelling case for holding him accountable. Even Fox News would have to air these things live, even though the Prime Time line up will just air the Jim Jordans and the Devin Nuneses ranting at witnesses for five minutes about a Deep State coup against someone who wasn't even President at the time. But talking about how these are very serious matters and we need to do more investigating makes it sound to people who aren't paying so much attention like the case for impeachment is anything but clear. But the case is crystal clear, and it has been for quite some time.

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Demented Socialist Democrats are just creating more demented ideas and Socialist policies. They have given 2020 to President Trump due their foolishness and hatred for one man. They still don't seem to understand that they work for the American people.

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With the abject failure of the Muller Report to produce demonstrable proof of a crime, many Americans (particularly we Independent voters) have abandoned any support for impeachment. Going down this path will further isolate the already far-left democrats from normal folk.

 I am with the lunatic socialist democrat voter base on this issue. I say "go for it" and see what happens. With the Senate already vowing to defeat impeachment, this will be seen once and for all as the sham that it is and complete the death spiral of the democrat party.

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pelosi's not so far gone that she doesnt realize how much this impeachment farce will damage the Dem party.

So many non Dems are privately hoping they impeach.

Please do it!

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Come on Dems - put up or shut up.

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It's not like Trump is capable of much harm, what with the silent war eating away at the GOP. The Senate at this point couldn't agree enough to name a post office - and that's the point: it's not just that we have an idiot as president, we have an entire dysfunctional party. Fortunately, we have a rising croup of young Dems. Let them handle it, as Pelosi has promised.

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Please impeach him and get him out of office.

They can impeach him but they can't get him out of office. By the way, impeach him for what crime?

So you all want Pence as President? In what way would that be better?

It wouldn't be, it would be one step closer to President Pelosi. That's a danger until the Dems lose the House in 2020.

Trump has plenty more skeletons in his closet that will tumble out into the light of day before 2020 

Hahahaha, lol, $40 million and 2 years and Mueller couldn't find squat.

we have an entire dysfunctional party.

See "Democratic Party."

Fortunately, we have a rising croup of young Dems. 

Like AOC and Ilhan Omar! LOL

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Like AOC and Ilhan Omar! LOL

LOL all you'd like, but if you don't acknowledge that these are the faces of the new America, you're as doomed as the GOP. The days of McConnell and his ilk are severely constricted, and they know it.

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By the way, impeach him for what crime?

The crimes that over 1000 lawyers have now said have been clearly shown by the Mueller report.

You aren't pretending that you know more about the law than 1000+ lawyers who have passed the bar, are you?

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You aren't pretending that you know more about the law than 1000+ lawyers who have passed the bar, are you?

Most Trumpophiles on JT think they know more than all experts unless those experts agree with Donny. But you know this already.

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Impeach him and enjoy as.....absolutely nothing happens.

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Nope try again. No crime to impeach him for. That’s why only 45 Dems even willing to vote for it.

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Gonna go for the “censure” now to try to save face. Don’t need even one republican for that one. Means nothing too. Just looks petty and partisan.

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LOL all you'd like, but if you don't acknowledge that these are the faces of the new America, you're as doomed as the GOP

LOL, if these are the faces of the new America, America is truly doomed. Fortunately they're just some new faces in the Democratic Party. Doesn't mean they're going to take over the party. In case you haven't noticed Pelosi is still Speaker and Biden is WAY out in front for the nomination and he for sure doesn't represent the new faces.

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What do you think of Pete Buttigieg? I saw him on TV taking questions from a studio audience and he was very impressive. Very informed, eloquent, and clearly intelligent. I know those qualities clearly don’t matter to Trump supporters, but wouldn’t you admit he is one for the future?

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Please impeach him and get him out of office.

That doesn't get him out of office. It is like a grand jury finding "cause" to have a trial. Nothing more. The US Senate, controlled by Republicans, sits on the jury and will never find Trump guilty.

Impeachment is a waste of time for that reason.

Democrats should holster their anger and lead with programs to solve problems of the country. Don't do the wall, but do something to end illegal immigration. Do anything. Last week there's a photo of 1,000 illegals crossing the US-Mexican border fence near El Paso. Do something to make that useless, Democrats.

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@Jimizo In fact I think Mayor Pete might just pull out the nomination if Biden falters. Yes, he's eloquent all right, and he would probably be better than any of the other Dem candidates with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, who the Dems are probably too dumb to nominate. But he doesn't think we need troops on our border. Border patrol says otherwise. He doesn't have the experience required to be president. Going from being mayor of a small city for 6 years right to president of the most powerful country on Earth? Can you imagine him negotiating with Xi or Putin? He supports abolishing the Electoral College ( makes it easier for Dems to win the presidency, even with California and New York's electoral votes guaranteed to them ), he supports the Green New Deal, lol... Nope, I'll have to take Trump over Mayor Pete!

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Impeach the loser.

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Well, impeachment has shown itself in the past to be the path to the white house. So if they do impeach, it only adds power to the Democratic campaign.

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Deadforgood - Please impeach him and get him out of office.

I'm glad you separated the two issues. I don't believe that most Democrats understand how the impeachment process actually works. 

Having an impeachment trial in the U.S. House only means that the House will decide if the target of the impeachment will be held over for trial by the U.S. Senate. Regardless of the outcome of the House's decision, it does not mean that the target of the impeachment will be removed from office.

Assuming that the U.S. House votes to impeach, the charges are then passed on to the U.S. Senate where the Constitution requires a two-thirds super majority in order to convict the person of the impeachment. If convicted, the target of the impeachment is immediately removed from office.

The chances of the U.S. Senate convicting Trump is somewhere between zero and none.

A few elected Democrats, and some Democrat candidate hopefuls, are demanding that the U.S. House hold an impeachment in order to see if they can find anything to actually impeach Trump for. If their desperate gamble doesn't produce anymore actual, verifiable, evidence than the Mueller attempt did, the Democrat Party will have a very difficult time attracting voters in 2020.

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So what would impeachment look like? First the house would have to send articles of impeachment regarding fake crimes to the senate. Then Trump would call witnesses. My guess is he calls Hillary first and she pleads the 5th, then Comey who pleads the 5th, then Mueller. Orr, Clapper, Brennan et al, ALL pleading the 5th. Who here really thinks the democrats are down for that bit of theater? Who thinks Hillary and her ilk are going to let that happen?

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