Guardian angels hit Montreal's clubs to tackle harassment


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"We almost end up giving lessons on how to pick someone up," joked Thivierge.

Its not a joke. Its EXACTLY what is needed. It should be an integral part of sex education. Yes, animals need no instruction to "get together" but I think we can all agree people getting together like animals is going to be a problem. Yet, we educate young people on proper social behavior all that time EXCEPT how men should approach women (cause women rarely approach men or will). Yet pick up artists are derided, especially by women. As I often say, women so often have a hand in their own victimization but you can't tell them that.

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Im glad the picture has a caption (even if it’s spelled wrong), I didn’t know what that was.

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The key useful bit of information here was the need to have a friend go with you when you go Clubbing...

Even though that kind of intrusion bothers her, she considers herself lucky: she recently had to call an ambulance for a friend who had been slipped a drug by a man at a party.

Having a bunch of PC focused people wandering around clubs and pulling you aside is akin to the Chinese Brainwashing that goes on over there... you're being accused of potentially committing a crime, before you have even done so!

I'm all for Guardian Angels roaming and responding to Panic button presses... this would be way far more helpful - should something like that exist.

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And when thinking about that "Panic button idea", it is actually very doable... Network operators lease data to low-cost operators at cheap rates, but if they go do the same to an emergency broadcast operator (which would involve a couple of 100 bytes, this would be make such a panic button extremely affordable - we have the Tech available now, why hasn't it already been done ?)

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