Gunman kills 1 at LA airport, injures 2 others


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US international airports are soft targets and anybody with half a brain and $$ can drive right up to any US airport, get out start shooting or leave a car, truck etc..blow it up remotely etc..but no, most Americans do not want to be bothered with more security checks, like at Narita International, where you HAVE TO GO TO SECURITY, show your passport etc...which I think should be standard at all major US international airports. I knew this was going to happen, some idiot looser from a looser state like New Jersey, thinks he is some real patriot?? LAX is a great airport, too bad this happened but it will only give real terrorists ideas, yup, how to improve their tactics and it will not be 1 Taliban guess at least 6 next time, armed to the teeth, hand grenades etc..and then Hollywood will try to make a movie out of it. When will Americans learn say from ISRAEL about how to really implement security, forget Japan, but more like ISRAEL and be more vigilant about who they even allow to work at US airports, next time I would not be surprised if a terrorist but working in a US major airport acts as a look out for Al Qaeda etc..not too difficult to imagine, is it?? RIP poor, honest, hard working TSA worker, GERARDO I. HERNANDEZ and may this idiot looser from New Jersey get a real nice WELCOME in LA's finest jails and that sureños, crips, bloods etc..beat the holy crap out of this scum nut case California style!

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" One of the shots in the mouth?"

Yes, they missed. Easier to spin a tale against a dead man.

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One of the shots in the mouth? That means they were aiming high... in a crowded airport. I wonder what the standard operating procedure is for this type of incident?

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Wow my friend just returned from Japan and was near there just hours before... Thats a scary thought. I pray for the family and friends of the victims and for the recovery of those injured. I hope the guy who went nuts gets the help he obviously needs and justice is served for the one he senselessly killed.

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If only they had confiscated his toothpaste, water, nail clippers and pocket knife sooner this whole thing could have been avoided.

Do you want them to start checking people at the doors of the terminals again? If not, what is the point of your jokey post?

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It wasn't the gun!!!!

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So, terrorist or no? Everyone please choose before his religious affiliations are revealed.

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Can't blame the guy. I've felt like doing worse when flying through there. LAX has to be one of the worst airports ever...

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Only a matter of time before disgruntled TSA thugs go postal on their coworker thugs.

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If only they had confiscated his toothpaste, water, nail clippers and pocket knife sooner this whole thing could have been avoided.

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Deranged. I at least hope he took off his shoes.

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