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Gunmen ambush family in South African homestead; kill 10

By Rogan Ward

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What actually makes the difference are socio-economic factors

Thanks for proving my point.

Since it's socio-economic factors, if the developed countries of Western Europe loosen their gun laws they will still see low crime rates. Switzerland is an example, and if the rest of Western Europe follows the example of Switzerland it will still not have any impact on their low crime rates.

However, for the rest of the world which does not enjoy the same kind of socio-economic factors, it's important to follow the example of the US and allow law abiding citizens (which are the majority of the population) to bear arms. Since they are the ones at the receiving end of the unreasonable gun laws which criminals will never abide by.

South Africa is a case in point, and so is India.

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South Africa has one of the world's highest murder rates, with about 20,000 murders recorded every year out of a population of 60 million.

South Africa also has strict firearm laws as per the Firearms Control Act 2004. Previously the firearm laws were permissive and crime rates were much lower.

If there is any proof needed that there is a direct correlation between strict gun laws and high crime rates, this is it.

Japan is an exception which proves the rule.

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