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Gunmen, bomber hit 4 sites in Pakistan; 37 killed


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Pakistan is spiraling out of control at Olympic speed.

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Pakistan will carry on despite all these attacks,this is not something new in Pakistan's history.

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Knee deep in the dead.

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I wish they'd stop. The senseless carnage in Pakistan dilutes and contradicts and nullifies the message of anti-war progressives everywhere, it makes bushie boy seem far-sighted, and worst of all those things it diminishes President Obama (World President Obama, I think it is safe to call him after his Nobel) in the eyes of his followers.

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I could remember a time when whole months (or years) used to go by without seeing the word "Pakistan" in my newspaper. Now there's a bombing or some other terrorist incident every couple of hours. For a country whose only rationale for coming into existence was to get the Hindus in India off their backs, it would seem the lack of an external enemy just encourages them to turn upon one another. That is evidence that there was never a real functioning state, just a "faction-stan." And they have no one to blame for it but themselves.

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I wish they would come to their senses.

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I wish they would come to their senses

also International Community who has been pouring billions of $ in this terror State.

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