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Gunmen kill 17 people at a drug rehab center in Mexico


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Apparently once drug lords get you addicted, they don't like it when you try to stop. It was even worse in the 1830s. When Commissioner Lin destroyed the opium that was poisoning Chinese, Great Britain sent the Royal Navy and destroyed most of Canton -- and that was just the opening shot.

I don't see how things can get much worse in Mexico. Eventually all order will collapse and then the US will find itself with another Afghanistan south of the Rio Grande.

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Mexico's dope industry freakazoids and their homicides going up.

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Concerned foreign dignitaries,supermodels,actors,journalists,film makers and NGO supporters need to chastise Mexico and Mexicans about gun control the way they do America.It is the country's only hope.

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What a war zone. If only Americans could get their drugs from somewhere else, not Mexico ...

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Get our drugs from somewhere else? Like Afghanistan? ;)

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Drugs for afghanistan freakazoids instead of other fearkazoids.

Which tastes better or more deadly?

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correction- Drugs from afghan freakazoid land or other freakazoid land.

Which is more deadly,tastes better or gives more highs?

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