Gunmen kill 3 in Mexico, including 13-year-old boy


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From news sources Mexico appears to have become worse than the legendary "wild west". . . . . We used to vacation in mexico often - - but hands down , those days are over.

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Strict gun control laws working real well down there.

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Really terrible. Me too, I often went on vacations to Mexico and I treasure beautiful memories. Too bad it has become like that nowadays.

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I was just in Tijuana last week, way different from Monterrey, nothing like Cuidad Juarez, I actually felt safer and more relaxed in Tijuana than in San Ysidro, so not all of Mexico is as bad as the news reports with headline grabbing attention getters want us to believe, and I saw pleanty of white folk, I guess Americans, Asians etc..have a good time south of the border.

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@elbudamexicano: relieved to hear that, I thought of you when I saw the big rain in California. Hoped you were ok.

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Thanks Foxie, the big rain was a lot of fun in California, made everything nice and green! Ok so a couple of landslides, PCH was closed and no one told us, so we had to make a u turn back to find the 101 but the California Central Coast down to Ensenada Mexico, all so lovely, and none of these killings like on the other side of the country.

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I actually felt safer and more relaxed in Tijuana than in San Ysidro" I feel safer in Tijuana than in most cities in the US period. Been to Newark lately?

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