Gunmen kill 10 polio health workers in Nigeria


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A plot to "harm" Muslims?? It sounds like Pakistan?? Afghanistan??

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Copycats. Following new Islamic fashion. Can't even think for themselves. Worse than the West they are trying to reject.

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"Some Muslim clerics have alleged that the vaccine was laced with substances that could make girls infertile as part of a US-led Western plot to depopulate Africa."

I wonder if the Muslim clerics would be more agreeable, if the polio-eradication program were managed by non-Western agencies? Perhaps, by China or Japan? Or maybe, by some African or Middle Eastern country? Or some Muslim organization? Probably not!

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"A plot to "harm" Muslims"? They can see a real threat if they look in a mirror. These people are clearly insane.

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"Polio infected people is a better resources for them beggars in northern Nigeria. So eradicating it and saving the unfortunate children would deprived them of much needed materials for begging religiously''.

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