Gunmen kill five female airport workers in Afghanistan


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Women,You don't have the right to earn livelihoods.That's the motive.Right?

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A lot of backwards people in that country.

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Sad News and worrying at the same time as my country has troops there.

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Problem with Islamic doctrine.... Women are not seen as human beings. Women are not seen as companions. Women are only seen (and used) as animals that men just happen to be able to have offspring with. It's times like this I wish that some "wrath of God"/"Karmic universal justice" would happen to people evil enough to murder a woman over her ability to make some money.

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Cowrdice attacks! I wonder what kind of life does these gunmen mothers has lived?

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What's a cowardice attacked by Taliban? Taliban bastard will kill Muslims children, women and men. Are the Talibans got permission from Allah to kill innocent Muslim children, women and men? The Talibans are religion fanatic crazy peoples.

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