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Hagel issues stern warning to China


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Oooh, everyone is so afraid. What a farce. Every country spies on every other country. IT HAPPENS. "Every time a finger is pointed at someone, there are three fingers pointing back." Stop the rhetoric and start the internet defenses. The USA just looks stupid responding to any accusations. Israel has the correct position, "No comment."

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He said the U.S. welcomes a strong and emerging China that takes on responsibilities for security in the region, and that Beijing and Washington have to be inclusive and direct with each other. “I think we’ve made continued progress,” he said. “And we’ll make more progress.”

Q: A) stern warning to China B) treating China on an equal footing ? correct answer : B

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China is going to do what they want, and to speak to them in a tone as if we have our finger in their faces does nothing to improve relations. The media is partially to blame, for example this headline is pure stupidity.

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Al countries have spies ,so it is not appropriate to point finger at any one. Stay silent ,, just send them false misleading information when they are found out and follow up with a bug for their efforts.

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I think the Chinese work on SHAME as most Asians do, so kind of the shame and blame game against China and its spies??

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I was surprised that the US administration have been so low profile after learning China has breached at least 24 US weapons information as reported by 'Defense Science Board'. Those details included F35 jets, F18 jets, MV22planes, LCS warship, Patriot missile(Pac3),Aegis system and blackhawk choppers. Those were the back bone of US military hardware and still dont know the depts of breaching and how long ago was breached. Back in 1980s a single esionage conducted by Soviet or warsaw pact countries might triggared tensions and escalation of conflict. China is serious to make research of those weapon platforms for research of countermeasures to neutralize those weapons' efficiencies and potency! It is very normal that every major countries has their own echelon of special service or intelligence gathering just what was incredible was China's attempt to gather those informations might take decades for Soviet KGB to do so by human intelligence and China has achieved through electronic campaign within 10 years!

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No surprise. Its well known that communist china is now the main source of most cyber crime.

Beijing is now home to the world's largest collection of malware-infected computers, nearly 5% of the world's total.

Research by the security company Sophos in April showed that China has overtaken the U.S. in hosting Web pages that secretly install malicious programs on computers to steal private information or send spam e-mails.

Bill Pennington of White Hat Security attributes these developing countries' bad behavior to an overabundance of technologically trained young people with low-paying jobs. "If you’re in China and you have a computer science degree," he says, "You can either go work for nothing or you can make money using your skills for nefarious purposes."

Once again communist china shows the world that it is a terrible neighbor and business partner. When will we learn?

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What you talking about ?Im getting hacked by the Chinese spy agencies now ! What defense ?

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What was the warning?

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This is stupid. Instead of issuing pointless warnings, just improve cyberdefense systems for the US corporate/ and federal programs. Plus a counterattack would do wonders.

He said the U.S. welcomes a strong and emerging China that takes on responsibilities for security in the region...

You mean "take over" the region not take on "responsibility" What kind of idiots think that China would willingly assist other Asian nations in the region without trying to pretty much grab land and resources which they're already blatantly doing... yeesh

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Is Chinese taught in the schools in Okinawa? It is important to be able to "communicate" with other Asian countries, especially in sport and cultural event exchanges. What will the Chinese do with all those useless Ospreys and jets that fall out of the sky? Probably, recycle them to build its own equipment.

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China, as always has many, many DOMESTIC problems, and what better way to UNIFY the masses than by making the average Wang, Chang and Lee feel better than by attacking "Little, helpless Japan", right?? This is what CHINA did after WW2, they killed 2 birds with 1 stone, send the peasants with wooden sticks in HUMAN WAVES to help North Korea invade South Korea, and the USA, with all the bullets in the world would just shoot dead the Chinese human waves, making China feel good,yes we are sending our poor and hungry to defend the MOTHER LAND, with wooden sticks in the shape of rifles, and make the USA look like the aggressor and hence we have the Korean Peninsula divided to make BEIJING and all of its slaves HAPPY??

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This makes the world seem like it will be more militarily balanced in the near future which seems good in light of oversteps by the US in the past couple of decades. But China should develop through legitimate activities. And if China stole the many advanced weapons system documents as claimed by the US, that would be a very serious crime and as close to an act of war as it might get without necessarily having crossed that line. To recover the billions of dollars of research and development hours lost to China in this, not to mention weapons system integrity concerns, production of numerous US product designs might be shifted from China to India.

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