Haiti gang leader threatens to kill kidnapped missionaries


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Christian missionaries from all sects need to stay out of other’s lives. Catholic “missionaries” were and are just as bad as Protestant missionaries.

Keep your god to yourself.

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They can certainly be annoying. Ridding China of Christian missionaries was the a major reason reason for the Boxer Rebellion.

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So the President of the United States has no responsibility for the safe return of Kidnapped US citizens being held for ransom?

Do you think the President or the FBI Director are going to publicly announce any efforts they have going on in Haiti and risk pushing the kidnappers into killing the victims? But I do have to ask how much the US government can be held responsible for the safety of US citizens who chose to visit dangerous places abroad. Haiti has been on the US State Department's do not travel list since February of 2019 due the risks of Covid-19, kidnappings and civil unrest. Non-essential Embassy personnel were sent back to the US it is considered to be so dangerous there. They tell their own employees not to walk anywhere in Port Au Prince due to the danger. These missionaries went anyway and were kidnapped just as the State Department warned would be possible. I therefore have to question their judgement going there and ask how much the US owes them if they ignore clear State Department warnings not to travel there.

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P.Smith and others. These missionaries were not the type to try and convert the natives to Christianity. They are Hutterite/Amish. Their mission was purely relief- they have been in Haiti 40 years. They raise money to deliver school and medical supplies. They are good people. Naive perhaps, but good people.

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If you really feel a calling to go to these dangerous places to do the Lord's work, at least leave your children behind in trusting hands.

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“God has given our loved ones the unique opportunity to live out our Lord’s command to love your enemies.”

That’s one hell of a bright side to look on.

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@Desert Tortoise... under these circumstance, bail them out, and when the hostages are returned to their cozy digs, bill them for all expense including direct ransom.

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@Desert Tortoise... under these circumstance, bail them out, and when the hostages are returned to their cozy digs, bill them for all expense including direct ransom

Do you think they have that kind of money? They are apparently Amish. One of them brought an 8 month old baby along. What were they thinking? Oh wait, they weren't.

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