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Haitian women targeted by sexual predators, thieves after quake


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Every woman needs to get a machete, and people need to gather with other people for mutual protection. They need to form machete militias to guard against roaming bands of criminals. Lastly, the Hatian army needs to set a curfew and shoot roaming bands of armed men on sight for looting.

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This is sad, but what's also sad is the lack of control in this chaotic situation. Its going to be a month since the earthquake next week and things are getting worst than improving. I hope the situation betters and no more innocent people get attacked in such brutal ways.

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I'm no big fan of Bono, but to be fair he has been doing a lot for Haiti over the last couple of weeks: benefit concerts, recording a single with JayZ and Rihanna, etc.

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How can any man think of sex in a situation like that? Some humans really are the lowest form of life on earth.

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You have to keep in mind that there are bad people every where. So we have a bunch of bad people that would rape a woman if given the opportunity. These people exist every where: Haiti, US, Asia, etc. What we have right now is an opportunity for bad guys in Haiti to take advantage of many unprotected women. < :-)

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Time to bring in the armed all-female UN PKO units that have had great success in African locations where rape was rampant.

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smartacus: Yeah, it's unbelievable that someone would commit such a despicable, violent act during a time when people should be banning together to help each other survive. Makes you wonder about human nature...

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Imagine how peaceful the island would be without any people. A human society surely would never need to be told what must be done at a time like now. Thank you 82nd.

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Women are robbed of coupons needed to obtain food at distribution points.

Aid workers say they’ve been staging elaborate decoy operations to draw men to one area while food coupons are given to women in another.

Aid organizations set up women-only distribution schemes

What exactly were aid workers expecting with such a heartlessly sexist distribution plan?

That men (particularly single ones who wouldn't have a woman eligible to get food for them) would just starve to death because they were unfortunate enough to be born the wrong sex?

It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy -- don't provide food to men because they might be dangerous, then watch them actually become dangerous because they've got no food!

"They’re treating men like we are animals," says Mr. Louis. Indeed. Treat people like animals and that's what you'll turn them into.

Thievery is despicable but providing food only to one gender is even more so.

Shame on the aid workers for not coming up with a better solution. Hand out bracelets, stamp their hands; serve ready-made meals eaten on the spot; there are any number of better solutions than to deny food to anyone who wasn't lucky enough to be born female. What a disgrace.

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You would have a good point except the aid workers were giving the food to both sexes in the beginning. However, at least half the men who were given food either hoarded it from others or sold it; they didn't give it to their families. Everyone was at their wits' end trying to figure out how to deal with it, so it was decided that the women would be the more responsible with actually distributing the food amongst those who need it, i.e. their families, single men, others in need, etc.

Ready made meals are already being handed out at some spots. Handing out bracelets, stamping hands, etc. would be a wonderful idea were they going to a carnival or night club. If these men are willing to kill for food, rest assured, they aren't going to leave a bracelet on and will definitely scrub a stamp off their hands.

The aid organizations are constantly changing their tactics because thieves are constantly changing theirs. The women only thing worked for a little while but the aid workers will probably have to change that again. They have been struggling non-stop with how to deal with it all.

The disgrace is not the aid workers the disgrace is with those who choose to kill and rape other human beings. This state of affairs didn't just come about after the earthquake.

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disgraceful beings

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i have not read anything similar to this (rioting, raping, killing, etc) during the sichuan earthquake. i guess i'm comparing apples to oranges here, as life in haiti (before the quake) is very different than life in china.

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